Goldfish - Get Busy Living (OFFICIAL)

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Featuring Emily Bruce on vocals.

Animated by Mike Scott

From Goldfish's long-awaited third studio album comes the first single with the same title; 'Get Busy Living'.

Ever wondered what really happens to your bag once its been checked in at the airport? So did we. The answer is clear: its getting busy living, having affairs with other similarly-cute bags and globe-hopping. Your bag doesn't go missing - its just been partying with other bags on foreign soil.

Blissful uplifting pianos, an absolutely huge chorus, all tied up with a slamming beat. Featuring the honeyed vocals of super-talent Emily Bruce, "This track took us completely by surprise. It morphed from a jam we had during a gig and just opened up into a full song...All the best ideas seem to happen to us when we aren't trying to make something. As soon as you try... you're screwed!" muses Dom.

Animated with 100% legal software:

Photoshop CS4, Anime Studio Pro 7, Final Cut Express 4 HD, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Wacom Intuos 3, Wacom Intuos 12 WX

"I don't want to live like I've already lived, but I do want to get busy living!"

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it's really difficult making a song that makes you wanna dance after 10 fucking years.

Author — Shree Laad


For the love of god i want to goto a show sooo bad ive been listening to goldfish for YEARS it was one of my first discoveries on the early internet, one of my favorites for sure.

Author — Glass Cannon Knight


Dang...that video was crazy. I just wanted to listen to something while I draw, but I just couldn't stop watching. O.e

Author — DragonDePlatino


I have to say, I love that piano at the beginning.

Author — Jaller235


even 10yrs later this is still a banger!!

Author — Pranked22


You know a funny thing I found this song three days ago and literally never heard this song.

Author — Fawad Haroon


I hope their relationship didn't have a lot of "emotional baggage"

Author — Benjamin Doan


The best song ever.

Also, it's the one that wakes me up in the morning

Author — Santiago Leal


I've never been jealous of bags before. :(

Author — Narsuaq


so that's what happen when my baggage got lost in the airport

Author — Haikal Wira


This video is now my bucket list.
To visit the leaning tower of piza, the sphynx, the grand canyon, the Eiffel tower, the running of the bulls, the taj mahal, the aurora borealis, and Venis Italy.
To go surfing and snowboarding, scuba diving and dancing, painting and desserting, and to watch the sun set on the beach.
AND to do all these things with the girl of my dreams. This is true happiness, this is how to get busy living life.

Thank you Goldfish

Author — peterbrehmj


Little tini tiny dancing people:

0:46 up on the shelf, 0:51 on top of the "Book Out" building, 0:55 on the tube, 0:57 right side below the tube background, 1:02 on the top of the tube, 1:05 on the plane, 1:16 on top of the lobster guys head, 1:23 still the lobster guy, 2:15 on the stump of the tree, 3:08 on the side of the waterfall, 3:27 on the Moon Saturn thing, 3:37 lower right hand corner, 3:49 between yellow and blue bag, 3:56 drum set, 3:11 in front of the car

Author — Twinkle Twat


I still remember it clearly, a close friend was leaving for US for pursuing further studies and it was our last get together, so we went to this pub known as "Hidden place" in our city and this song was playing there. I felt sad that he was leaving and later when I reached home I started searching for this song by its lyrics to find some comfort. This song did help me take my mind off as it secretly tells you to get busy. Later on I was so much hooked to the beats and music that rest as they say is history. This was 5 or maybe 6 yrs ago... Goldfish fan for life.

Author — Shashank Kowekar


This is actually a pretty good love story.

Author — Sam Marsh


4:17 is the beginning of the song at 0:00

Author — Keston Mckay


This video is so creative and the music is just out of the world. Marvellous job goldfish!!

Author — Shashank Kowekar


That moment when you realize that Get Busy Living has more views than One Million Views
(Makes sense though coz the Get Busy Living Album was before Three Seconds I love all of their albums...Perceptions Of Paccha was the shit too)

Author — Bongumenzi Jiyane


I love that the whole thing turns out to be a loop. Awesome!

Author — Tuschi


When this is a decade old: Mmmm, human music. I like it.

Author — Henry Stickmin


Mid covid-19 and I'm enjoying quarantine listing to this jem

Author — ASTRA03