Trump's full 2019 State of the Union address

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Trump's full 2019 State of the Union address 4.5

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Women in white are just astounding. Clapping for themselves, but when it came to talking about the veterans or being protestant to the New York abortion law - no claps were had.

It's not sexism to say that these women are so entirely self interested. Very bad people.

Автор — GoonOnFire


I am jealous of you Americans to have such a president. Best wishes from Berlin and godspeed President Trump.

Автор — Tkachev Eugene


I only voted once in my life and that was for Obama in 2008...I have not voted before or since because there was never a candidate I could get behind. I will vote Trump 2020 and will never vote Democrat again

Автор — 6gun Beauford


I'm a legal immigrant that is very pleased for finally having a president who thinks about me, my family and other hard-working immigrants. Thank you for representing me, my President.

Автор — Newton Cazzaro


All my life i've been a die heart dem(due to my family)when i got grown&really started to pay attention to politics...i became disenchanted with the democratic party for numerous reasons.I have more conservative views on admit Mr.Trump has stunned me with some of his antics over the last 2 yrs...Nevertheless, the speech he gave last night....i fact checked it...and this country has truly been making progress.

Автор — Yoko Hooper cosey


Democrats, you guys okay? Looking sorta cult-y over there...

Автор — The Sarcastic Romantics Club


Bernie Sanders looking like hes a veteran from the war of 1812

Автор — Cheese


Trump or not, I love this damn country.

Автор — Eli Dames


28:36 "Wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders while living their lives behind walls, gates and guards"

Got em!

Автор — nahn111


Has there ever been a SOTU where everyone shouted USA like this? Numerous times too. 🇺🇸

Автор — Kris Johnson


It annoys me that the first result when I search "Trump state of the union" is "Nancy Pelosi's clapback steals Trump's show". Not only does that have 500k less views than the actual sotu, it only contains one of the keywords and clearly wasn't what I was looking for. Not to mention the 4 other reaction videos I had to scroll by to find this. Biased much, Youtube?

Edit- Looking through these comments, it seems that I'm not the only one that had this problem. It's a shame that we can't trust Google and sites owned by them to deliver unbiased, relevant results anymore.

Автор — Jason Pyre


Satan has taken over the democratic party

Автор — geno sch


I loved seeing the WWII Vets get recognition.

Автор — Spooky Boo's Scary Story Time


Kinda disturbing to see the whited out dems only cheer for themselves. And their reaction to prohibiting late term abortions says it all. Selfish.

Автор — Skylar Powdermaker


I’m a Democrat, an I can stand behind Trump with this these goals and aspirations!!!! Imagine what we could accomplish

Автор — James Spivey


Look at Cortez, she's clueless! She sits there in disagreement to everything being said. She's being told when to stand and when not to. She's not leadership material! She's isn't a patriot! She isn't for any type of bipartisan outcomes! She's a troll! She's a FASCIST! A clueless angry little woman, who's brainwashed by the far left propaganda! She's a disgrace to America!

Автор — Eric Bierling


Mans a absolute legend. He will be learn in schools for generations. His name will forever live on through time. POTUS Mr Donald J Trump. God bless u and your family. Love from Scotland

Автор — Steven Miller


We have a great president & change is being made! Let's celebrate this & don't forget to vote for Trump again in 2020 so we can keep this going🎉🎉🎉😂💯💯👍🏾💯😂🎉🎉🙏🏾🙏🏾

Автор — GamerDude


Notice Pelosi’s face when Trump mentions improving the middle class. It disgusts her.

Автор — The 401K


Tears of respect for the veterans that have served and serve this country!

Автор — Michael Keith