Top 10 Electronic Dance Music of the 2000s

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Top 10 Electronic Dance Music of the 2000s 5

I played the top 10 EDM songs that marked the 2000s. I bet you will feel nostalgia with those Euro Dances! Do you remember them?

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Yes I'm high but why you smoking a piano?

Author — dj craig


I don’t know how I got here or why I got here, but at 1am I approve.

Author — NorseFireFighter


90 percent of people didn't search for this but here we are loving it.

Author — chrome 008


Youtube 2017: ...
Youtube 2018: ...
Youtube 2019: ...
Youtube 2020s : *NOW RECOMMEND IT NOW*

Author — Daxton Anderson


“Digi D’Agostino”.... you actually killed every italian

Author — Gabriele Biazzo


Yup, this would be where the YouTube rabbit hole would take me.

This is the sign that it’s bedtime

Author — RT Living Free


I mean I'm no EDM fan but I could have sworn "discovery channel" was actually called "the bad touch" and was by bloodhound gang.

Author — Sorrel Adams


Fico triste por saber que a maioria aqui é gringo, e que o povo do nosso país não apreciam esse canal maravilhoso

Author — breno Ismerio


These kinda video's made YouTube big. The only difference is that we don't have to watch it in 144p anymore.
This is pure nostalgia. Thanks❤️

Author — J V T


Everybody gangsta til the piano starts playing itself

Author — Prec1sioN


When you play along with LORD, Vinheteiro. You don’t play The piano. The piano Play’s YOU

Author — Henrik Foersom


Um gênio incompreendido, um brilhante músico contemporâneo!!!!

Author — Paulo Victor Pacheco


"Discovery channel" is actually "the bad touch" by bloodhound gang

Author — ThexplicitNV1


I never knew "maiah hee, maiah haa, maiah hee, maiah" hoo hoo was an EDM song.

Author — Winston something


Wow, i was impressed when you played the piano without looking, but playing without your hands is another level!

Author — Pedro


Eu: nem sei como cheguei aqui nesse vídeo....

2 min. Bora vinheteiro.... 5 horas dessa balada Sopra esse trem ai meu

Author — Deivis Silva


não fique triste pelo fato de boa parte do público se gringo, fique alegre por ele está representando o Brasil. Os olhos de outras nações estão aqui no Brasil!

Author — Horizontebeiramar Beiramar


Quarantine Day ???: Drunk raving to this with my gf at 1am in our bedroom

Author — jlothian04


I wondered what Dwight has been doing since The Office!

Author — Kevin Roberts


-"What's the name of...?"
-"Darude - Sandstorm"

Author — Henrique Matsuda