Yemi Alade - Johnny (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Yemi Alade performing Johnny. Effyzzie Entertainment

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Johnny is a very talented runner. Maybe we will see him at the Olympic games, going for gold 😂

Author — soupereagle


Johnny is still missing 7 years on but the music is not missing globally, who is here today 2/09/2021.

Author — General ZICO


I'm in Greece, we haven't seen Johnny in years

Author — Dimitris Karavias


Wow This song is best to me every time in Top 100 trending music 😍💕

Author — Chuga Comedy


I think we found him, he is in Korea in a group called NCT, now goes by Johnny Suh

Author — AtinyMoa


I love Yemi's voice...
I love this music video...
I love the lyrics...
I love the melody..
I love Afro music...
Damn I love everything about this XD Yemi rocks!

Author — Kinga Kucyk


" I don't know dem ohh"

" HEY 💥👋🏽🏃🏾‍♀️"

Funniest shit ever😂

Author — Prince T


Now that I'm a bit older and know a little bit about Nigerian culture that Ogbono and Egusi Soup reference at the beginning has me dead😄 this track is timeless too❤

Author — SKYY:The Village Kid


Fun fact: To this day Johnny has still not been found, setting a record for the longest person to go missing

Author — rayyan Akrabi


A guy cheated on my friend and his other girlfriend. She was crying. I sent this song to her. Now she can't stop laughing 😂

Author — Amri's world ❤


I love it when the notification shows up "someone liked your comment" and "you have a new subscriber" it always makes my day. Anyone reading this, thank you and God bless you.

Author — Zel Press


I just can't stop listening to this music and am from Haiti 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

Author — Dayana Jean


welcome to another episode of WE DONN

Author — Farah Alzubaidi


7 years later and johnny is still missing.

Author — chime SZN


this song never gets old and the video is just hilarious....Love it

Author — Mosa peart


Still enjoying this, 2021-sept. Creativity at it's highest level.

Author — Uncle P Wechnov


Johny skipped the country. It seems Johny will never change. The beatings he received many years ago have not helped. He is here in Botswana breaking hearts, left, right and centre.

Author — Moitsiemang Nkwamba


Johnny is a very talented runner, we were expecting to see him at the forthcoming Olympic games. But now that he is about to get married, this long chapter of his life is closed

Author — Patrick Mfossa


African songs are the best music in the world

Author — Bonda Cruden


I'm from SA🇿🇦 just heard of this song this year (2021), can't believe it was done 2014 😳... There's something about the drums that make me wanna get off bed and dance 💃💃💃

Author — hlengiwe jennet