Top 5 Best Magician In The World Amazing Magic Show - GOT TALENT

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Top 5 Best Magician In The World Amazing Magic Show - GOT TALENT 4.5

Best magician in got talent, showing amzazing magic trick.

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Simon has that baffled look, probably the same one he gave his best friend when he was sleeping with his wife...

Author — Mike McGomer


That coffee from orange can called cup of tea got me confused

Author — Re-Jector


Why magicians laughing at your comments?

Author — Jonald Raper


That’s not okay because with the second act when he asked Simon to think of a card I also thought three of clubs what the f—

Author — Cailin Schneider


Brits: Tea? In a can?
Americans: hey Joe pass the brisk tea

Oh yeah and merry Christmas to you all everybody have a good day today

Author — Tee_Y YeeT


The cartoon on the cards was so cute 9:23

Author — Jennifer Oviawe


I love this and I never ever want to know HOW. I simply love the fantasy

Author — bar10 ml


Rubiks cube: a complex universal and mathematical wonder

Author — Ultralagger R.E.V


Magic #3: What if all 52 cards (except 1 on top and 1 at bottom) were in fact duplicates of the 5 cards that the magician predicted at the end.

Author — Samosa Pikora


As you can see, Simon is always aware of the magician's expression.

Author — ‖‖‖そおやあ‖‖‖


The first time David Walliams has been shocked when touching a man!

Author — Angel Mcfadden


*I love it* 😍😍😘♥️
*Ontime Edu* 👌 👌

Author — Ontime Edu


when your a magician obviously your the smartest one in the room

Author — joweywow


Well now we know one of the many things captain America did when he went to past. (--_--). The last magician looks similar to captain

Author — WiLdLiFe [Mystery]


not to intresting like others magician this magic ez to do atlast bag had 3 cubes he gave his cube which he made not judes one

Author — EzroD Tmg


I love magic!
Mel B skin looks so radiant

Author — Scorp1983


im glad to see all of my students in magic performed in this video.

Author — thekeyboard warrior


amazing magicians, magics always astonish me, but i die every time the punching sound slaps my ears :-(

Author — Dian Omkar Syamsuwir


Goes on Got Talent gets standing ovation and judges are dumb founded. Goes on Fool Us and gets laughed off the stage.

Author — Matt Ojeda


I love magic one day I am going to become a magician wish my luck

Author — Adnan lexus