How To Be An Effective Panelist

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Have you ever been asked as a panelist? What was the first thing that came into your mind when you heard it? In this video, I will be giving out my 12 tips to help you standout and outshine everyone else as you integrate these strategies on your next panel experience.

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Irvine Nugent

Key Moments in this Episode
00:32 A great leadership opportunity
01:02 Who are you speaking to?
02:04 Set a goal in mind
03:24 A wonderful story
04:40 Attention grabber
05:24 It's not all about you
06:30 Open your ears
07:43 Be aware of this

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Thank you for the useful tips Irvine! I am attending a panel discussion this week and I am very excited!

Author — PhyPsyFilm


Thank you for this. I'm in my first panel next week and needed to hear something like this.

Author — profile247


Shine as the panelist! 12 tips👇👇👇
1. Know the audience
-> do research of the goal of this panel, and the component of the audience
2. Understand your role
-> show your expertise and uniqueness
3. Have a goal in your mind
4. Stick to your message
-> be consistent with your goal, and be honest with sth you don’t know
5. Deliver your content in stories
-> put your experiences into stories, for that’s what they’ll remember
6. You are on
-> the audience and the other panelooking
7. Begin with an attention grabber
-> begin with sth cool (prepare!!!), which disturbs the audience’s mind, and makes them remember
8. This is all about the audience
-> interact with the audience, and engage them in the conversation
9. Keep it simple
-> don’t use jargons, and keep everything simple and concise
10. Listen to other panelists
-> pay attention to others’ speech and try to relate
11. Kept the energy up
-> drive the energy ⬆️
13. Watch your body language
-> smile, use gestures (show confidence), and avoid repetitive postures

Author — TingYu Liu