Hasan Learns What It’s Like To Grow Up Desi In 2019 | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Hasan Learns What It’s Like To Grow Up Desi In 2019 | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix 5

Hasan talks a lot about his experiences growing up in a desi family in the mid-2000s, but what is it like to grow up as an Indian-American today? Hasan investigated by sitting down with seven desi teenagers to talk about what it's like to grow up in 2019. Watch as Hasan chats with the group about navigating school, friendships, dating, facing parents' expectations, and the lessons Hasan can learn to be a cool brown dad.

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There’s no way Abeer doesn’t run a meme page.

Author — Haleigh Purich


Being an Indian from India, you know most of those kids mispronounced their own names. XD XD

Author — Ganesh Ashwin


Ok they are not even pronouncing their own name the Indian way.

Author — Mohit Chindaliya


Hasan is Tony Stark
and, Abeer is his Peter Parker



"Yeah my sister goes to yale med, and he goes to Yale law"


Author — Swiftie Forever


Kid : Why is my sister's name rose?
Dad : Coz your mom loves roses.
Kid : thank you dad.

*Dad : No problem a-beer.*

Author — Jatin Mulgund


“You know what Cancun is?” That was so cute 😂

Author — Bratty Natty


Abeer is the that one brown kid in middle school always sitting with girls

Author — Syeda Khan


Netflix cancelled a show like "Patriot Act" and approved a movie like "Cuties"

*Let that sink in*

Author — Fateema Zahra


all these kids are just pronouncing their names the way white people say it lol.

Author — Doctor Holmes


Abeer: get them an i-pad
Hasan: Seriously?!
Abeer: *slowly dies inside*

Author — Arundhati Bose


These guys can't even pronounce their own name properly

Author — Ayushman Ranjan


Why do non residential Indian kids look more Indian that residential Indians

Author — Clapping till I get 1k subscribers


Them: *Talks about "Krrish".*
Also them: *Proceeds to show "Koi Mil Gaya".*

Author — Elina's K-POP IMVs


these kids cant even pronounce their names right💀

Author — sh00k :


Abeer talks like an old man who’s been put into a young kids body and given a crash course on ‘popular culture’

Author — Tom Hendry


That's what development looks like. Kids that are not afraid to talk

Author — No One


"American born confident Desi" - I'm gonna use that!

Author — Sasank Daggubati


Abeer : " Exists"
Hasan : I like that

Author — Niraj Thapa


"Why are you guys snapping?" Hasan is officially an uncle now !!!

Author — Hadi Pawar