DCS: Missile Defense Tutorial. Can YOU defeat the SA-8?

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This is a basic missile defense tutorial for the SA-8 in DCS world. It will cover the essential missile defense techniques needed to survive in a high threat environment.


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Very impressed that you know the difference between beaming and the "notch" (most DCS players I run into use the terms interchangeably) and the various ways of exploiting a missile's inherent weaknesses. Looking forward to the rest of the series and subscribed.

Author — Mike Solyom


Keep up the amazing educational videos. I appreciate that they are short, sweet and to the point while showing many viewpoints. I also appreciate that they aren't overly heavy on the tacview which some people overdo.

Author — Robert Walls


very detailed and well structured! 10/10 worth a thumb up. Keep up the good work dude!

Author — Leo Lian


Not sure what tracking equations the 9M33 uses so it's possible that it's an exception here, but generally speaking, ground driving should not work anywhere near as well as it does in DCS - even the S-75/SA-2 has specific tracking modes to deal with it. While it works at the moment, I wouldn't rely on it if ED ever revise the IADS side of things.

Author — rossmum


Very informative and to the point video! Thank you.

Author — ZZCheetahZZ


Nice video! And hope to see the AAM defense lesson?

Author — saitoichi


i recommend using tacview instead of externals, but great video

Author — Bjørn Arild Braathen


I used this technique before when i was 15 years old
I learn it from lock on the first version 2003 there is a lot of courses in the simulation
Those technique all only usefull against weak systeme defense like sa8 or osa or tunguska or tor
But against s300 no chance
Try To make à video with s300 and try it am waiting for your answer
Note : sometimes work against patriot but not always
Thanks for the video waiting for you To share more

Author — animal lover's


Fly above 21, 000 ft got it, I would lead off with that one in the future.

Author — Scott L


vary informative the twitch link is not embedded btw

Author — The Time walrus