2015 Personality Lecture 07: Depth Psychology: Carl Jung (Part 02)

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

Carl Jung was one of the most profound thinkers of the 20th century, and the first major post-enlightenment intellectual to consider religious thinking from a truly biological perspective.


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He is not so much teaching them a subject, as simply telling these college kids the most important things they'll need to know to be adults. awesome.

Author — ChannelMath


Great analysis, I worked on Lion King as a merchandise designer w/ Disney, and most people don't know that this is the animated version of Hamlet, (another incarnation of the the jealous brothers, like Cain and Abel).

Author — Lynda Lee Abdo


"without the capacity to sin, there is no virtue in not doing it"

Author — Johandre GG


Just imagine for a brief second that these recordings were never made.... How disadvantaged would we all be and at what cost? What a great time to be alive x

Author — Earthworm Jim


Out of habit with most 1+ hour long videos on YouTube, I automatically skipped to about 5 minutes in, to "get to the real stuff".

I quickly found out, as I back tracked to 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minutes, 30 seconds, I just had to keep going back to 0 to make sure I caught everything. Amazing lecturer. Thank you again Dr. P!

Author — Luke Schreiter


the single best lecture I have ever seen - priceless wisdom

Author — georgie 34


I have an exam tomorrow and this isnt even close to the topic but here I am watching through the whole thing. Great respect for you JP and thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn from such a intellectual person for free.

Author — Jonas Schausberger


Using The Lion King to explain Carl Jung's principles is pure genius. The first part of the lecture lays the foundation and the revelations begin with the movie clips. After watching many lectures by Professor Peterson, I really didn't expect him to mention Groundhog Day (Bill Murray) towards the end. The value of "paying attention" is repeated over and over in his work. Now I finally understand the true meaning of the "Eye of Horus" and its not what David Icke would have you believe.

Author — RJ Thomas


You know you have an amazing professor when the class applauds after his lecture. J.B. Peterson is just what this world needs at this exact time in history.

Author — Rufio 91


Jordan is easily the greatest teacher of our age

Author — Jon Shepherd2


I can't even begin to express how helpful your lectures have been to me. Thank you Dr. Peterson

Author — Tiago Ferreira


Just wanted to say thank you Jordan Peterson for sharing your lectures in the public domain for free. It’s absolutely wonderful to do this - it benefits us all. Excellent work which is very thought provoking, and an excellent catalyst for self development.

Author — Alex Archer


I’m so glad that someone is carrying on the tradition of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. People that criticize the method as being “oversimplified” either miss the point and/or have no better way of explaining the timeless concepts that are all around us in stories.

Author — Blaine Sandoval


After finding out about professor's condition yesterday, it now makes it so much more difficult to watch this and not worry about him. Here is a man, who taught us the real meaning of life and purpose while he himself is at great pain. Please be okay, Professor. Please.

Author — Nef Waenre


Alfter this lecture I went to see, once again, the opening of The Lion King. Not ashamed to say that I cried quite a lot, I felt everything Dr Jordan Peterson said during his lecture. So powerfull

Author — Joa Aless


Dr. Peterson's lectures are always amazing. Thank you, professor.

Author — Alexander Medina


"It's a lot easier to be disorganized and brutal than organized, productive and free". That's the sort of thing I might not have thought of, but once told, I recognize how true it is. And it explains politics in a way in one sentance! Numerous mind-expanding gems like this in Peterson's lectures.

Author — Sev King


Peterson's lectures always leave my mind wandering away from his train of thought, not by boredom but by captivation

Author — Chris Catino


Such valuable information embedded in this story. Thank you for making it much more understandable Jordan!

Author — Jenny McGowin


I wish I had gone to college with you as my professor when I was much younger. But my path has led me to you now and I’m glad my choices have been validated by watching these lectures. I’m not completely proud of my past but I’m happy to know where I am headed in the future. I look forward to the day I get to look you in the eye, shake your hand and share my story with you. All the best Professor!

Author — Daniel L