How To Use Lilia + Build (Guide)

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This video discusses how to use the character of Lilia, and a stigmata build for her.

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Border in video done by my friend Melo :)

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What do you think of Lilia? And do you like the new format? :)

Author — Honkai 3rd Guy


Me: I want God Kiana
My brain: Blue loli is cute. She is your favorite valk right now.

Author — E172-7N


I respect you, even you have a hard time you still fight through and make more vid

Author — FL


First mecha dps ill ever use

Hopefully ;-;

Author — Lumine Aether


You don’t have to be perfect at dodging.

If your dodging sucks, pause button helps. Kek

Author — 0kills


Actually it's kind of good addition to have character with "counter-type" ultimate. So instead of the usual dodge-countering, we get into counter stance, enter immunity frame, and counter immediately and safely.

Author — Hecate338


Hey Honkai 3rd Guy
, could you make a video with the skills translation of Lilia and Rosalia? (if you could also show which skills were nerfed it would be awesome)

Author — Nick Ace


Lol I got 5 Lilia when I was trying to get rozaliya, she’s SS now and I think I like her better than rozaliya

Author — Jason wong


I think she could use planck M ( if you're good at timing the ult or evade at the right time ) and maybe picasso T and B?

Author — Sniper Wolf


Wait so since the mid stig increase mele physical damage does it apply to her ult damage as well?

Author — NL VT


This really helped me with the characters trials cause I just now unlocked her lol

Author — Darrien


Dude, I give you my respect. Youtube giving shit, you still make reviews and guides. Thanks man

Author — Midland_2600


be strong 3rd guy, you'll get through this.

Author — flicker031


If she needs a bit more attack speed, why not Picasso B?

Author — Stephen Neil Sanchez


Is Lilia better than VK-E?
I mean.
Looks fun.... And im definatly keeping my streak to pull on them.
But if i already have VK...
Should I invest on lilia?

Author — Blaire Gungnar


Oh God, please make you face smaller lol

Author — Sebastian Mihail


try using picasso full set. good attack speed, dmg and tank

Author — Ain Nguyen


My Combo

DK-Liliya-VD, mannn the QTE never stop :v

Author — Coderlia


If you playing God of war, You can know how to use Liliya :v

Author — FayUnroszZli


wanna ask if balmung worth saving and upgrading? also do yoy think balmung would be good for rosalia

Author — Silent Shift