8 Hidden Android Settings You Should Change Right Now!

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Android users, this video is for you. 8 hidden, cool Android settings that you should be changing right away and trust me, these settings, tricks and features are something you haven't seen before (at least we hope you haven't).

The video includes Android settings from MIUI, RealmeUI, OneUI, as well as OxygenOS.

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What's up Notification Squad! Vintage Beebom is back. Which is your favorite hidden Android setting from the list? 😇

Author — Beebom


01:01 disable all sensors
02:07 live caption
03:03 nearby share
03:58 voice type in regional languages
05:02 share clipboard across devices
06:10 enable Google discover page in miui
06:56 kill apps in realme ui
07:40 keep calls in pop-up
08:18 bonus:remove audio from videos easily

Author — S M


This is the first time I am hearing Rupesh speak hindi🤣

Author — Sohail Khan


you have one of the best editors always impressed by your editing its always unique and pleasing

Author — Mohak soni


Can't stop LMAO 😂😂🤣🤣

Author — Rushabh Shah


Great picks, with varieties that helps many, as always

I will be trying some of these one by one and determine how useful / convenient they become for me

Author — Pritesh Thakker


a moment of appreciation for the video editor at beebom. these motion graphics animations are soooo smooth and sick that it added the charm at the video which is sooo amazing to watch. i always forget to comment about this but the video animations in beebom videos are so amazing. love it

Author — shubham nagar


Heard rupesh speaking hindi for the 1st time and it sounds awesome❤️❤️

Author — Supratim Ghosh


Very cool features. Thanks Beebom for sharing those. Also, i would love to hear a complete 3 or 4 minute audio clip of your video's entry audio.

Author — Priyesh Sisodiya


Thank you for Voice typing setting info, it just made my parents so happy when i shown it to them❣️

Author — Anurag Mhatre


I love these small classics trick videos BACK to BAsics !!!! That's what I subscribed to BEEBOM for a long time
Thankful they kept it going

Author — Ringo Cash


Really great quality in the videos allround... Music, production, content everything!!
All the very very best... Grow bigger keeping the whole team 😇🤞

Author — Venkatesh Varma Vegesna


For me the cross device clipboard chrome flag was a huge time saver!!

Author — K Trishan


I've been using the sensors off toggle for the past few days and it's real handy especially in online classes😅.

Author — Jomin Joseph


Absolutely loved the video. One of the truly useful 'change Android settings' videos of all time.

Author — ExtremeWays4Bourne


Stellar compilation. I was blown away by the "block sensors" toggle. I was following the "nearby share" development but didn't know it was enabled. Thanks a lot.

Author — Abhirup Chaudhuri


Voice typing in regional language is my favourite. I've only tried English and now I speak tamil (I actually type tamil with voice). Thank you so much for this video.

Author — Prabhu Ram


Awesome content guys! Keep up the good work and keep pushing such awesome videos!

Author — Tomato Cultivator


First time heard Rupesh talking in hindi❤️

Author — Aditya patil


This is super cool! I am sure there are more settings that will excite Android users. Hope you can help us discover more 😉

Author — thamxy