My new leggings and update video 😊

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Omg I love them as well sheer black ones would be nice also maybe walking along Brighton or near the white cliffs of Dover. Love the videos 🐫🐫🐫🐫

Author — @j.r.e8978


A piece of artwork. Im craving peaches now.

Author — @FrontalLabottomy


Missed you... More please gorgeous x👌😉

Author — @whydotufaqoff


They look better from the front! Rare leggings!

Author — @ElloEveryone


Enjoy your holiday take it easy and thanks for taking the time to post i would like to see the trailer if your up to showing it

Author — @samuraiwhiskers


This is my favourite video of yours by a long way xxx

Author — @LesroyBuckley


I just can’t get enough of those leggings…

Author — @goldenboy06


They look awesome on you
Beautiful lady as always ❤

Author — @davehanley9692


That's a creative idea, I wonder if you have some good scenery around there

Author — @Jaryism


Can i make a request??? Can you please do more leggings videos like this maybe with a friend too?

Author — @byranwitherspoon5369


I cant stop staring. U got me excited🤩

Author — @youngmachosavage


I would love to see where you are at and what you are doing on your holiday

Author — @davidwags5703


Hey Miss Penny, Although your natural beauty makes it unnecessary, I've noticed you never wear make-up. Would you mind telling me if this is a personal decision or if there's a medical reason for it?
If you believe this question is too personal or invasive, just say so.
Since you are going camping, here's a poem I wrote on that subject. Please don't allow it to spoil your adventure. No doubt your experience will be much different. (the poem is copyrighted)
Why do people who are usually sane,
Suddenly act like they were born with no brain.
They'll leave a cool house and a comfortable bed,
To sleep in a hot tent on hard ground instead.
They will bravely battle mosquitos and ants
While their dog hunts some shade and constantly pants.
The microwave and stove they'll treat with disdain
To cook over an open fire while it's pouring down rain.
At night they will sit at that fire, dodging the smoke,
Trying in vain to neither cry nor to choke.
They'll fish or swim or watch the kids fight
While the dog busily searches for someone to bite.
But they won't leave until they are covered with bites,
burns and rashes,
And everything hurts except their earlobes and eyelashes.
They'll gripe and complain about what a disaster it's been,
But when next summer comes, they'll do the same thing again.

I hope this poem adds a little more joy to your life. You have certainly added
additional joy to my life and I'm confident the same is true for thousands of others.

Author — @larrystone9474


So beautiful perfect fit and perfect fat kitty ...

Author — @Therionx


Dayum we could make a sweet hot dog together with that bun 😋

Author — @jeremyguerrero7258