How India’s Police Used a Pandemic to Boost Its Image | Coronavirus News

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How India’s Police Used a Pandemic to Boost Its Image | Coronavirus News 4

The police in New Delhi were roundly vilified for their role in religious violence. Now they’re on the front line of the city’s fight against coronavirus. Our reporters rode along as officers transported sick patients and served meals.

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*Hi everyone, I am Karan Singh and I shot and produced this video. It all started when we saw signs going up all over New Delhi that said “Delhi Police, Dil Ki Police, ” or the ‘Police of Heart’. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, or if you want to share your stories about the police in your city during this pandemic.*

Author — Karan Deep Singh


"In India's capital, New Delhi"
*Shows Old Delhi*

Author — Divyansh Singh


Not gonna lie Tiger Zero is a cool code name.

Author — Putrid Fox


The title should be how nyt is promoting negativity in a pandemic

Author — Abhishek Kashyap


"How India's police used a pandemic to boost its image" York

Author — lub san Tashi


Name:: New York Times
Reality::Beijing Time

Author — AN KR


As Indonesian who used to live in Delhi for six years, what Delhi police has done with regards to the impact of Covid-19 is really remarkable. I hope they will do these caring people in the future as well.

Author — Cecep Effendi


This is titled how the police are helping the people, but of-course, NY Times had to do some Hindu bashing. And doing so without context.

Author — RV


The New York Times got financial package from China what's cooking up, we know most of Media are corrupt.

Author — S R


Change the title "How NYT boosting the negativity in this pandemic".

Author — kumar kumar


1:19 This reporter looks like a discount version of Roger Federer

Author — Mahira


I'm surprised there was no outbreak there earlier since it's a very dense country

Author — Jonathan F


New York Times is just another foreign media "Who don't know about india."

Author — Who Is Your Editor


Indian police directly controlled by politicians but their propeganda is hiding the truth 😞

Author — Bharatji Odedra


Bet they didint expect this video while being interviewed

Author — Confrence Therapy


Things are going as planned. The people on top of the pyramid are laughing at this.

Author — Mario G


LOL Watching this during American Riot between the public and police. I see narrative changes when western media talk about riots in India Vs West.
#Un-UnBiased Media

Author — Referee


I ain’t even gone lie, they cars look straight out of some hot weeks you see in Walmart

Author — Royal Gaming


When it comes to police brutality, Indian police ranks much higher than US police.

Author — Ravi Kumar


Also why this riot intensified while president trump visited .
All media had eye on india .
See that was the plan.