WENGER'S GREAT VICTORIES: Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona

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WENGER'S GREAT VICTORIES: Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona 5

Fond memories for Arsenal fans as Arsène Wenger's side defeat an all-star Barcelona side, with two late goals from Robin van Persie and Andrey Arshavin.


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Lol, we won against Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Messi with teenage Wilshere, Song, Clichy, Djourou and Eboue. Give Wenger a medal.

Author — Wave Play


what a side of Arsenal. RvP, Cesc, Samir, Clichy, Eboue, Talented Walcott, Arshavin, and young Wilshere. Don't forget, Our Lord and Savior... Lord Bendtner

Author — F. T. Wibowo


There's a lovely, peaceful tone when you watch beautiful football without the commentating. Goosebumps.

Author — Roberto Borghans


Guardiola's Barcelona go on to win the UEFA Champions League that year, but they were no match for Wenger's Arsenal side that day! How good was Robin van Persie?

Author — UEFA


Looking at the full emirates and hearing the champions league song played in the emirates Makes me sad

Author — Safwan Ahmed


I have always been a Barcelona fan but man on that day part of me became an Arsenal fan they played so well!! The only team in Europe willing to attack the best Barca team ever..

Author — czavala925


Arsenal beat Barcelona with Bendtner & Djourou in the side :0 Good Lord!

Author — Billy Leeder


i remember this game as if it was yesterday...it was 11 pm and i had school the next morning...and when villa scored i wanted to told me otherwise😭😢... when rvp scored i couldn't believe it...and when arshavin scored i cried all the time he was celebrating...up until the game resumed...thats when i told myself...whatever happens i will always remember this night...i downloaded it in my laptop full match (together with Hp franchise)

Author — adan ali


the passion you see in these players is very rare in our current squad. i hope that spirit comes back to our team

Author — nomar mar


This Barcelona side was arguably one of the best football team in the world at that moment. Fantastic football, Messi at his peak, Xavi and Iniesta at their peak, Guardiola's tiki taka football was still unplayable. I was so shocked Arsenal won, even if we lost on aggregate in the end.

Author — Nabil Ibrahim


I swear pique doesn’t age at all . He looks the same 😂

Author — Ashley Butler


Look at that Fabregas pass at 2:29 for goodness sake. People forget how good Cesc was for Arsenal

Author — Tokunbo Omonubi


Don’t let people tell you that the Emirates has no atmosphere

Author — Haha !


People can say whatever they want
I just want Wenger back :(

Author — Renato Monteiro


OMG that Barcelona lineup! Wenger deffo deserves some kind of medal for this match.

Author — harsha hampole


I was have i experienced the Emirates so full of energy

Author — Y Khan


The best team in the world vs a mixture of youth, shitters and legends

Author — Arsefan 2112 LewMc


One moment that i still remembered until now, that was the commentary of the winning goal :


Author — Andika Tansir


Those were the glorious days... I really missed Arsene Wenger..



I know it's lame, but I've still got my flag from that night. Was so special to be in the ground for this one.

Author — Daniel Jones - East London Blues