Wood Carving/How to Wood Carve a Wood Spirit out of a Pine Knot

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Wood Carving/How to Wood Carve a Wood Spirit out of a Pine Knot 4.5

How to Wood Carve a Wood Spirit out of a Pine Knot

Other Tools I use to wood carve

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I can hear baby birbs begging for food in the background!
Parent birbs: not now kids, I'm watching him carv!

Author — Dr.Rajasaurus and Uncle Bonecrack


Look how resinous and waxy that wood is. I’ll bet that smelled amazing.

Author — Kent Snelson


Really, really nice artwork and instruction. The is my first time to see someone carve a "wood spirit". What a thrill to see all this strange messy knot be transformed into something so cool looking! Like a stone sculptor, you could see all the potential. Great job, and very enjoyable to watch. Thanks so much for the upload. God bless you. Have a great year.

Author — Linda Lee


I love your work a lot! I just want to say thank you I have learned so much from your videos I have subbed your channel befor but then realized you haven't been making video anymore but now I see your making again and I have subbed your channel🙏🏻😊😊

Author — The_kid


Great job!! Love the carving, thanks, Augie

Author — August Calderaro


Absolutely fascinating to watch, thanks for sharing the experience Kevin.

Author — Pete Beardsley


Thanks Kevin, I too am so glad you are back. I haven't been carving for a year but you are again giving me inspiration to get going. Great video. I like the long ones.

Author — customcraft11


absolutely beautiful. you the Spirit Man.

Author — Chad Betten


One of the best videos I have ever seen on carving the spirit. Very good work . I'll be looking for you other videos. THANKS

Author — t p


I stumbled upon your video and it has inspired me to have a go, I think your work is excellent what ever its called, carving or tooling, thanks.

Author — Ian Wiseman


very great work i saw that awsome knott and was afraid to see it go but u are a true craftman thanks

Author — JD Smith


that wood is dificult to carving, good job

Author — manu mart


I was pleased to find your new video when I logged on tonight. . Long time subscriber here.  Hope this finds you well.  Thanks for taking the time to show us how you carve these.  Best wishes:  john

Author — allamakee1397


I love the "Old Man of the Woods" awesome job.

Author — Linda Metts


Just started whittling this year along with other art forms I have never tried before and recently got a Dremel to do some power carving. This was a very enjoyable video to watch. Thanks for posting

Author — Chubby Jay Draws


extraordinario trabajo..esto es arte...nice..desde México.

Author — 90locky2


Thanks very much for being willing to take your time to demonstrate your techniques

Author — Doug Bingham


Informative and inspiring. Liked and subbed. Cheers

Author — Food4or StarvinKids


Happy to see you back Kevin . I've learned a lot from your vids. Great video . I'd like to send you some pics. of the wood spirits I've carved to get your opinion . Do you have a email address I could send them to . I'm not on Facebook .

Author — Glen McKelvey


I've paused at @4:45 to write this. I haven't seen the whole video yet. I'd like you to view your footage again, and pause right about where you shut off the grinder at 3:09 or so. Tell me you don't see the face that is already in the wood at that point. Now, at 4:45, you're drawing a face over that face. I don't believe for a minute that you didn't see it. It's all there - eyebrows; eyes; nose; mouth; chin, and cheekbones; hair and hairline; neck, in a left-quarter view. I go on, now, to the rest of the video.

Author — Mark Wilson