Trey Gowdy breaks down McCabe probe

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Trey Gowdy breaks down McCabe probe 5
U.S. Attorney John Durham’s team is looking into whether government officials hid evidence in Russia’s 2016 election interference; Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy weighs in. #FoxNews

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We lie, we go to jail, they lie they get a slap on the wrist and let go. The double standard and two sets of laws needs to come to an end, one way or another.

Author — To bad so sad


I am tired of seeing Bloomberg ads everywhere

Author — John Starr


*Nice to see the Deep State nicely oiled and working well for the elite !*
Americas last hope is the Durham report. If nothing comes up there then it breaks my heart to say it but America is finished and the elites have won.

Author — BloodOfYeshuaMessiah


Let’s McCabe admits to lying, he confessed, and no indictments

Must be a Democrat on the right side of our two tiered justice system

Author — Dog Face Pony Soldier


McCabe is being saved for the for EXECUTION, snitch or die.
Treason for everyone of the cabal.

Author — Landy's Channel


“It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.” George Carlin

Author — Joe Dawood


Mommy: Johnny did you eat the cookies?

Johnny: no.

Mommy: I know you did.

Johnny: oh. I may have misrepresented that fact.

Mommy: ok. I won’t punish you for eating the cookies or for lying to my face.

Author — Jack Patrick


Sure Looks like Hillary was A LOT closer to the Russians than Trump EVER was.

Author — John_Smith Chiropractor


It could be he’s a democrat an there above the law

Author — Mr Inbetween


Maria, this is simply unfair, in the face of the Stone case, and of course Flynn's too. When does Brennen get indicted for lying???? Or Hillary???😾

Author — shannon washburn


Gowdy should explain me why he thought that roger stone should receive 2 years while he now apparently discards the same fact when it comes to McCabe.

Author — fred heuvel


Mcabe has gotten off easy. Know he's guilty cause he whines that the Pres is picking on him. lol!!! Hope he's turned on his fellow rats.

Author — Major Major


Here we go again. Talking heads saying the indictments are coming. I call BS

Author — rooofer1


Oh yeah Epstein is a suicide right Mr. Barr.🤣😂

Author — Mike Moats


its going to be decades before the FBI will be trusted...actually, no law enforcement agency or spy agency should ever be trusted...ever!

Author — Michael Anderson


Glad to know that certain people can break the Law in America and walk away scott free, while others of us who aren't in the club would be prosecuted to the fullest extent....



I keep hearing "they're looking at it" they have all the incriminating evidence information right in front of them, they know who's guilty and this goes in circles ! How many times does department of Justice pretend to read the same thing, to know who's guilty and keep saying they're looking into it ?

Author — Atomic flash


Hillary should lot be eligible to run for VP! She’s a crook and everyone knows it!!

Author — God & Guns


First of all, everyone who had a hand in deciding to dismiss Comey & McCabe from a trial should be fired, then bring in a new person to put Comey & McCabe on trial for all he did

Author — Asher Bitton


McCabe isn't out of the woods yet. He still has to escape the probe into the phony FISA warrants and the Steele Dossier.

Author — ckaz007