Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador - Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

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Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador - Between The Scenes | The Daily Show 4.5

Trevor responds to a letter from French ambassador Gérard Araud criticizing him for congratulating Africa on France’s World Cup victory.

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If they can be both then I congratulate Africa for winning NBA every year.

Author — Tim Cosa


"When I score I am Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian striker. When I don't score I am Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian striker with Congolese descent."
- Romelu Lukaku.

Author — TAKHARK


My girlfriend is French and believe me I've learnt that you are not allowed to make fun of the French 😂😂😂

Author — Owen Adsit


There is an old saying in my mothertongue that goes (a loose translation) A successful child belongs to the father but a bad child brings shame to its mother.

Author — Lesley NC


If I remember correctly, Einstein said something similar. "If my theory is correct, Germany will call me a German and France will call me a citizen of the world. If my theory is wrong, Germany will call me a Jew and France will call me a German."

Author — ElvenSithLord


I’m french and trevor can’t be so true when he’s saying everything he said. When it’s a crime, on tv they say french and his origine is from marocco or congo etc etc.... but when they do good things as the world cup, it’s only french....
Thats so hypocrism from their part (government) and it’s a shame

Author — mibwill1


The French have a different philosophy on this issue. They believe in assimilation. If you celebrate your native identity as an immigrant, it is perceived as communitarianism. French hate communitarianism and they think it can lead to Segregationism. But I have to admit something good about the French, they are not racialists, unlike the Germans or even the Brits/Americans. Black folks of French nationality have had, historically a better status that Black Americans.

Author — Mehdi


I am born in Luxembourg of Portuguese parents.

When I had good points at school and received an award - The teacher’s and director called me he is an Luxembourgish example that we can achieve.

When I struggled at math or had a bad period (can happen), they insulted me as the Portuguese who should clean toilets.

Good moments: Luxembourgish and exemple.
Bad moments: Portuguese who should clean toilets.

Author — Crazy Horse Dance


“I am a Germany when we win, I am an immigrant when we lose”

- Mesut Özil

Author — Anggie Sastodiyoriya


I've watched this video so many times now, basically for 2 reasons:
The French accent is too bang on; and
The arguments made in the end are so realistic, practical and truthful. I'm from India where the diversity is humongous and this video is relatable af



Trevor, that's a sharp analysis.
However, as you said the context is key:
this joke had already been used several times by right extremists, to criticize the number of African immigrants in the country.
And it's important that we don't let this joke pass or get normalized, hence the (bit excessive) reaction of the ambassador, which clearly doesn't know you and took it 1st degree.

Author — 7th Quark


It's funny to make a joke about blacks on the French team when 90% of American NBA players are black lol.

Author — Sulliax


6:17 It's not the same thing. We gave him the French citizenship because he saved a life, because this is what we call "un service à la nation". He played with his own life for another person. It would be the same thing if there has been a terrorist attack

Author — Javiero925


Americans clap when he says "France's colonialism" as if America was totally different

Author — Andres Porras


Funny how players themselves were on the ambassador’s side.

Author — Khelifa BENZIANE


Made me laught when people applauded to the " french colonialism " part. From American it's very funny, how did you get your land again ? See, not so different. I don't care about that tho but can we stop hypocrisy for a second when you make a joke ?

Author — Dead Tonk


His French accent is literally him doing an impression of his own South African accent 🙄😂

Author — Tony Haven


"In America you can be both"

Yep. That worked out really well didn't it?

Author — Ardakapalasan


Huh. I totally understand where both Trevor and the ambassador are coming from.

Author — Callie Johnson


"I got this letter from the ambassador of France"

Me, being a history nerd and theatre trash: *i thought Thomas Jefferson was dea- oh wait-*

Author — Frey The theater kid