Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador - Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

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Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador - Between The Scenes | The Daily Show 4
Trevor responds to a letter from French ambassador Gérard Araud criticizing him for congratulating Africa on France’s World Cup victory.

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I'm a colored french guy. To them, we are french only when they want

Author — Bob Guerio


His way Of Talking And Selection of words Is So damn Accurate and Charming.

Author — Usman Kiani


Comedians are some of the most intelligent people alive, Trevor is way too intelligent too.

Author — Lindo Mathenjwa


Americans clap when he says "France's colonialism" as if America was totally different

Author — Andres Porras


They did to Zidane as well... As soon as he head butted the racist Italian in world cup final, he became an Algerian.

Author — Avinash Kumar


" I'm not trying to be an asshole but I think that its more a reflection of france's colonialism", Damn this guy is a real adult. Great words Mr Noah. Saludos desde sur America.

Author — Johan Quintero


Once again Trevor proves why he belongs in that chair. Well spoken my brother, now I'm gonna go get me some Freedom Fries.

Author — Star Brand


Linford Christie a famous sprinter famously said: When I win I'm Britishm when I lost I'm Jamaican!

Author — Heema _





Being French and African i can firmly assert that no lie was detected . The accuracy is crazy from start to finish and I love how articulate he is! Keep it up Trevor 🙌🏾

Author — Kelly Cybèle


Same thing happening to özil( german footballer)....when he won world cup he is german....when he lost last year he is sad

Author — BEN Ten


Congratulations Trevor for being elected as US President!


Author — zakwan fahmi


You are right. I am Moroccan and live in Belgium. But I feel am I am Belgian and Moroccan at the same time. You have no idea how racist SOME European can be. Look at the election. It's said everything!

Author — Hanane A.


this is the video that made me a Trevor Noah's fan.

Author — John Avernia


Nobody ever feels the need to point out that Griezmann or Hernandez probably are, to some degree, of Germanic or Hispanic descent, when they could be just as much the children of immigrants as any of the so-called "African" players. They weren't pointed out as living proofs of France's historical policy on anything, when they could've been.

As a mixed person who's always lived between Africa and France, I can't see anyone who's right between Trevor and the Ambassador : the players should be the ones choosing to discuss or not discuss their identities, and more importantly, the ones to define it (if they so choose). Winning a world cup under a banner only to have talk show hosts over the world deciding for you who you competed for, what you are, how hypocritical your fellow countrymen are for not admitting it and ultimately, in substance, how self-hating you must be for not seeing it yourself... I cannot imagine how that feels, and certainly don't want to.
Especially when the debate continues to rage on after you've expressed yourself.

There's also another side that's not discussed : Trevor just assumes that coloured players are African, but he doesn't compute the fact that they did not grow up in Africa and that we know nothing of their cultural background.
I grew up in Africa, but because of my fair complexion and mixed background, I was often considered as an alien, not quite as legitimately African as a non-mixed local, though I was born and raised there. Even on the streets people call me "Portuguese" (they assume I'm from Cabo Verde), try to con me like a tourist, ask me where I'm from and are NEVER satisfied with the answer "here", even if I speak the local lingo.
I've been told [IN AFRICA] that I belong to a hybrid third category, the "Sénégaulois", somewhere "in between" France and Senegal. That's just a way of saying you're "not quite" one or the other, though you might consider yourself the superposition of both rather than a subtraction from both. I know the same exists in other countries of francophone Africa and in the French Caribbean, the generic term being "Négropolitain" ("Negro from France").
When I go to the village, I'm straight up "a Whitie", especially since I've been living in Europe. I've heard or been in countless conversations in which other black or mixed people with a somewhat mixed cultural background were derogatorily referred to as "Bounties", "Kinders" and other ""they might be tanned, but they're Westerners" terms.
I've lived in China and the same attitudes existed towards ABCs or Canadian/European-born people of Chinese descent, who were "not quite Chinese enough", and were urged to conform more to a culture that clearly made them feel that they were "something other".
Then you're successful and guess what ? Everyone wants a piece of you ; suddenly, it doesn't matter whether you've ever been to Africa, whether you speak the language, follow the religion, know the culture, stay in touch with the family (or even have close relatives there)... every African now has a claim on you, and the whole contingent is proud to call you its child. How is this not hypocritical but France's attitude is ? It's the exact same thing. From outsider "Négropolitain/Bounty" to national treasure in the span of a football tournament.

As for the guy who saved a baby example, that was the worst, because it was singled out from dozens of examples that mostly include white guys. Like many countries, including in Africa, France has a habit of rewarding ordinary people who stand out as popular heroes : either the Préfet awards them a Médaille du courage et du dévouement (literally a bravery and dedication medal") on behalf of several ministries, or the President awards them a Légion d'honneur in case of outstanding heroism (the government's website states that this distinction is owed to any civilian who risks their life to save others « toute personne qui, au péril de sa vie, se porte au secours d’une ou plusieurs personnes en danger de mort »).
In Mamoudou Gassama's case, he was awarded both the Légion d'honneur and the Médaille Grand vermeil de la Ville de Paris by the mayor of Paris, and since he was an *illegal* *alien*, he essentially received a presidential pardon and was *offered* (not given) French citizenship, which he accepted (of course, who wants to be deportable any day ?).
The same year, a young French man known as Marin also received the Légion d'honneur, and was also awarded another medal by the Minister of the Interior after standing between a couple and there aggressor and being crippled .

Intellectual honesty mandates mentioning that the gesture made towards Gassama was linked to his *irregular* situation, and that he did not get citizenship by presidential decree (he got a presidential pardon, then had to apply for citizenship and only got it 5 months later, after completing the procedure). His naturalization fits the legal framework thanks to a special provision in citizenship law that allows naturalization for « services exceptionnels à la nation » (outstanding service to the Nation), enshrined in art. L-313-14 of the Immigration and Asylum Code (CESEDA) which states than permits and citizenship can be exceptionally attributed in case the person has demonstrated exceptional talent or rendered an outstanding service to the community, including in sports, arts, and associative or civic life (« talent exceptionnel ou de services rendus à la collectivité » et notamment « dans les domaines dans les domaines culturels, sportif, associatif, civique ou économique »). It would've been the same if he were Swedish, it's in the Law.

This segment is under-documented and demonstrates prejudice and self-righteousness, as well as ignorance regarding the French society, in which insisting on someone's parents' roots is considered to be racist and is not acceptable. Only the far-right "Identitarians" as they call themselves, do it here. Identity politics is a big no-no in the Hexagon.
For a Liberal, ending up in the same basket as the most extreme party in the country should make Noah question his reasoning, rather than doubling down hot-headeadly using his own reference, and not the specific context of the issue he's discussing.

As for the "why can't they be both?", it's exactly the contrary of his initial comment/joke. Which is it : is the French victory not that of a French team but an African one, and thus really an African victory, are these players Frenchmen of African decent, are they Africans, or both ? And why can't Noah simply acknowledge that it is *not* *his* *call* *to* *make* ? They've spoken, and that should be respected.

Author — SALL Penda Solène


you are amazing Trevor Noah so intelligent a lot of bless from Puerto Rico

Author — single player


Your intellect educates & expands so many perspectives 💘
Love This Breakdown
Thank You for Giving the World this incredibly Valuable Video 💌

Author — Chey R.


5:00 this is the most positive thing I have heard about the US in a long time



Aside being cute and funny, he's also intelligent. Can it get any better??

Author — dee herv


😂😂French colonialism.=French diversity... Kudos Trevor 😂

Author — Amon Simatwo