Treasure of Nimrod / Iraq

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Treasure of Nimrod / Iraq 4.5

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good stealing strategy by america . invading a country with the
false accusation . then looting there golds and oil . wow! just wow!

Author — Prince jeffrey Facunla


As they say old is gold lets just hope it stays with the Iraqi people and not end up I'm America UK or France

Author — Teddi786 OG


Well American soldiers having all the treasure. Official stealing as Iraqis helped them steal from their land by giving them support.

Author — Ash -uk-


Nino Belov (Nimrod) the Serbian king. The first Serbian crown is... amazing. Nino you will be back in your homeland Serbia soon.

Author — Luka Lazarevic


all the treasure will be in this world

Author — Firoz Abbas


1:07 Nimrod's ashtrays? Did he smoke Marlboro? lol

Author — veryunclear


Anyone know why there are US soldiers in this unveiling of an Iraqi Kings treasures?

Author — Julie Miller


where is it discover, kindly upload some Authentication links and data,

Author — Bilal Agha


A disgrace seeing it handled and stored like that .. experts need to wash there hands and stored artifact's in cotton wool or saw dust..lucky girl Joe's there to keep it safe

Author — Darren lockwood


التراجي ام الشبابيك كانت عند امي الله يرحمها نفسهن وباون وحجول مثل الخمسة وعشرين فلس بسنه ١٩٧١

Author — نبراس العراق


do you really think they're going to handle Antiquities with their bare hands and throw them inside some old cardboard box so they can get scratched up together? Come on now, excavators, government officials and Military all just happened to be there on the same day and nobody had time to go back up and grab equipment to properly take it out, if you believe this video I got a bridge in Canada that goes over to China for sale really cheap, I'll take one ounce of gold for it.

Author — Crying Hippy


Laughable a best. Nimrod's treasure would be giant in scale. What could a 20 ft person do with them tiny toys?! Lol

Author — Do You


Ruller of the first worlds empire...

Author — Slobodan Gligorijevic


At 1:07 looked like two gold ashtrays. The gold head piece looked like it was for a giant. Very beautiful. Who has possession of these riches that belong to the people of Iraq?

Author — Ceil Constante


don't Share Females Photo.
Allah says in Quran:
"Tell The Believing Men To Lower Their Gaze"
My Sharing Images All The Males will be able to Look at and All are Disobeying Allah
❝O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their Jalabib over their bodies. That will be better that they should be known so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.❞

It is not permissible for woman or others to display her on a platform where number of non mahram men can see her.

Author — Quran o Sunah


0:48 what's Nimrod doing with that pic lol

Author — 414MrMilwaukee


Didn't realize Gilgamesh had wrist watches and ashtrays. But from what I've read of Gilgamesh, the ashtrays were for his crack pipe. Only one that was stoned would do stuff like he did.

Author — Raccoon Residence


Nimrod was a black giant.No way do I believe the queen of England is related to him.See Jack Flaws videos on the lost tribes of Isreal.

Author — terry ferguson


The Cloak. Legend has it that the Skins/cloak that Adam had was in Noah's possession. Ham took them from Noah. Ham gave them to Nimrod. Esau stole them from Nimrod and slew him. (conflicting books on if Abraham slew nimrod or Esau.) Esau sold his birth right and the Garment/cloak ended up in Jacobs possession. It is said who has these has dominion over the earth.

Author — rsaathoff


Hvala za objavu snimka i braći Srbima na komentarima.

Author — Nenad Savkovic