March 2018 Dashcam video shows accused trooper's two traffic stops

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March 2018 Dashcam video shows accused trooper's two traffic stops 3.5
March 2018: THP dashcam video shows two traffic stops made by trooper Isaiah Lloyd, who is accused of groping a Campbell County mother during a traffic stop and pulling her over again three hours later.

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This cop is just enjoying the power trip. Lady is obviously not impaired. But he sure is.

Author — Edward Deitch


Another bored cop abusing his authority.

Author — chas haywood


That's the longest side to side eye test I've ever ever seen. I think Trooper Lloyd is just trying to get his rocks off.

Author — Luis Gonzales


Now I spent 40 years in law enforcement and this is NOT in any policy manual I ever saw. This trooper is way out of line and needs to be fired asap!

Author — Godzilla


Totally unneeded, he's not checking for drugs or abuse. He's checking for vulnerabilities. He should serve jail time.

Author — Carl Bowman


Those are the types of officers that need to snipped.

Author — Robert LaRoque


UPDATE: As of April 2019, he has been accused with "groping and stalking a female motorist" and was ultimately fired for a history of misconduct.

"Lloyd searched Patricia Wilson without legal cause in the first stop and allegedly propositioned her in the second in a conversation he failed to record as required. She’s suing Lloyd, THP and Lloyd’s bosses in both state and federal courts."

Author — Dubious Foreskin


This girl is stone cold sober, and way more cooperative than I would have been under the circumstances.

Author — Nikki C D


This guy doesn't need to be in law enforcement. This lady is being badge mugged.

Author — catbird


It was incredibly clear that the chick was more sober than the cop.

Author — Jason Jackson


"OK, i'm gonna ask that you follow my finger while I stare at your t1ts..."

Author — Eric Bell


I am ashamed for this man. He needs to be out of service and put in jail.

Author — William Louis


And he targets her again. That's out of control.

Author — old school


I think this trooper is fishing for something to find fault with. He has way too much time on his hands

Author — Mike Stock


This dirtbag is gonna end up doing something terrible if he's not APPREHENDED ASAP.

Author — BRIAN Somers


He would have a big problem had that been my wife or daughter

Author — Richard Desousa


Did anyone else notice that the second time he pulled her over he didn't radio to dispatch any information about the vehicle he pulled over? Even if it's a vehicle you've pulled over earlier in the day every stop is supposed to be radioed in to dispatch...this man is a criminal of sexual predatory tendencies

Author — Bj Stocklin


"Now I must tweek your nipples to see if I can tune in to Tokyo Ma'am." "It's just part of the job."

Author — Randall Gordon


The finger test was way too long and stupid. I hope this guy is not a trooper anymore.

Author — Marilyn Phan


I really respect cops in general. But this guy needs his badge taken away and go back to cleaning outhouses.

Author — Tim Graaff