March 2018 Dashcam video shows accused trooper's two traffic stops

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March 2018 Dashcam video shows accused trooper's two traffic stops 3.5

March 2018: THP dashcam video shows two traffic stops made by trooper Isaiah Lloyd, who is accused of groping a Campbell County mother during a traffic stop and pulling her over again three hours later.

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💬 Comments on the video

When you wear a hat like cant get a woman naturally..

Author — ThaYoutubeBigWig


Makes me telling what he does in the dark when no one is looking

Author — riverrchild Reddell


Gosh I nearly got hypnotized just watching that finger test! This was creepy to watch!

Author — Sunrise & Sunset


The Trooper immediately noticed two big reasons for a probable cause search.

Author — JohnnyRingo


Oh C’mon, she’s obviously not impaired and he obviously IS a PERV !!!

Author — Finster Clause


This is the most disgusting, test, I’ve ever seen performed, this trooper is sick, sick, sick, fire him!

Author — DK Starkey


The longest follow my finger I have ever seen.

Author — Lord Rumple


Law Enforcement is one of the top ten career destinations for psychopaths.

Author — Roc


Now I spent 40 years in law enforcement and this is NOT in any policy manual I ever saw. This trooper is way out of line and needs to be fired asap!

Author — Godzilla


He acts more like a predator, than an officer. A wild man on a power trip!

Author — Scott Holliday


I did not know this is how the term "Cop a Feel" came about!

Author — M Collett


Just how many times do you have to go back and forth with the finger.. Good grief

Author — JerrBear74


I just got sick of him, what kind of stop is that. it looks like he wants her to fail. harassment .

Author — Keith Gentry


Youre not required to report your medical history with a cop. He never heard of the medicine you just said.

Author — Chad Cook


Look at all the other drug and contraband couriers driving past while he harassed that women.

Author — Joe Mills


These are the kind of costume wearing PUBLIC SERVANT thugs that need to be weeded out.

Author — Jay Bob


Ambien IS NOT a narcotic. This man is a fool. He should not be at this job!!

Author — Allan Cooper


Why can't we hear the audio when he pulls her over the second time?

Author — Karen Jensen


I had 33 years of combine law enforcement as a state trooper and alcohol and drug enforcement officer. This is outrageous. Psychophysical evaluation and horizontal gaze nystagmus took way too long. I'm still Blown Away looking at the Frisk and pat down. It is so hard for us to do our job when we have people out here behind the badge doing junk like this. Had that been my wife, my mother or my daughter ... I would have hated it for him!

Author — Eric Alfred


Ambien is NOT a narcotic. It’s a hypnotic. The general term “narcotic” is used to describe opioids. Cops a douchebag either way.

Author — Hasty One