My 2020 Experience with Gunz The Duel

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i started in early to mid november and have dedicated a lot of time to meeting new people and improving. heres just a random progess video incase anyone cares.
edit: update video soon :]

song - bring me the horizon - drown (sewerslvt remix)

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Wow didn’t know this game still existed! Off to download

Author — Lauur J


damn i see everyone returning back to this absolute legend of a game. who trynna play some games thoe waz gud

Author — Courtship69


Watching people play this game is like watching master painters at work. It's an art.



This was like my world back then at my teenage years, and used to brag about it during my high school days at 2006 Man performing k style or butterfly from where came from, is like an art, perfecting it was difficult but damn once you combo someone with just slash and dash, massive strike then 2x shotgun shot is pure damn satisfying, the only limit here is your endurance in syncing those button clicks to perform it... it was a game changer because from where it started most people would only do shoot and tumble until people started mastering butterfly that some matches would even kick you if you did 😂 but i admire those pro players and earned some respect being good at it along the way. in the game where butterfly 1 on 1 is a thing, you can really feel the pride in one's skills during those matches, as if you're both matrix samurai who wants to prove their skills to each other.. 2 shotgun, 2 revolvers, or half naked just to equip and spam 2 bazooka! i remember during team matches, sometimes we just stop if the other guy is alone and have him fight us 1 by 1 with butterfly style, those were the days.. looking back id say these are the kind of matches youd like to stream live

from 2011 till now, my main game is dragon nest, but since then no game had offered me this level of intensity, freedom and pride in mastering such skills, GunZ will always have a special place in me, hoping for a revival, till now my muscle memory of doing butterfly is still with me.

This was my favorite move back then 05:26, what the other guy was doing reload shot as they call it

Author — iskout


I remember when i was like 13 and learnt to k style, i was so hyped lmao. Even tho i had my own computer, i went to the lan centers just to show off my skills to the kids lmao so many memories with this game, it makes me feel so nostalgic

Author — Gary


This game was way beyond its time when it was on its peak. Damn

Author — Den S


you did well for a beginer. But as a very old vet of the game i would say, you touch the ground to much. Back in the days we players were spending most of our battles up in the air. As i noticed when you fire you landed on the ground first befor aiming. To keep fighting the enemys in the air while shooting them, you should have masterd the Rose technique/skill whitch means you round corners or pillars with out touching the floor while shoting at your enemys

Author — jonathan lopez


I used to make crosshairs and skins for pservers. Good times. I’m surprised FGunz is still up and running.

Author — JustAnotherGrunt


This is one of the games I tried getting into but never got good at - nice seeing people still playing it after all these years. Nice song choice by the way, recognized it as soon as it played - not a lot of people I talk to know either GunZ or sewerslvt.

Author — TheOtakuAzn


i remember playing this game for the first time and ppl in my lobby where so cracked out of their minds

Author — eddyfrimi35


I used to play this game daily for years back on ijji. It's nostalgic and very exciting to see newer players getting into it. Glad to see you're having fun on a game i grew up with :)

Author — Spoony


Great vid, sick improvement in such a short space of time. This vid makes me want to hop on the game again lol

Author — nakamandem


damn u got great friends to teach you the ways and learning this kind of skill in new months damn good work

Author — Harlot Ch.あかいハーロット


Good stuff :). What I loved about this game is you can train for a whole month, and still have the k-style "basics" down but not be able to link everything together. Games these days, after a week you can have all the mechanics down so easily. This game was legendary. Your progress was great :) hope you are still playing!

Author — Vishavix


Man this game was so cool back in the days.

The gameplay is so good. Fast and technical with swords and gunz.

I wish there was a recent game with those qualities

Author — Philippe Beauchamp


This is what a true action game feels like 😂

Author — Mateus Costa


Back then when I didn't knew anything better, Gunz maps where exhilarating and feels like in a different world and as if so much to explore. Back then exploring was the best thing cause graphics didn't chug down your system, the only thing I didn't like back then was the weight limit (mostly cause of grenades, healing and high armor coats) If I knew K-style then the only thing mostly matters is a katana and a shotgun. The thing back then was stun them down with a knife then rain in some pain, or stun them up with a katana and shoot them upwards. It was hell fun.

Author — BlazingPrincess


I remember being in the top clan leaderboard on this game really 17 years ago butterfly juggling people for dayz

Author — Scott Hamilton


You had good aim from early on! Very nice progression 👍

Author — Bryan Gweon


I used to play this game when I was a kid back in 2006 :) Oh

Author — Mustard Pikachu