How to cut bangs on lace front wigs & styling it natural | Vpfashion

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How to cut bangs on lace front wigs & styling it natural | Vpfashion 5
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Vpfashion Lace Front wig: The frontal 6 inches lace ensures that your wigs can be freely parted with a more natural partline.

Hair: 100% Virgin Remy Hair

Virgin remy hair is made to run in one direction with natural look and avoid of tangling. VP wig is made of 100% virgin remy hair which is soft and long-life used.

Lace Type:

VP use Swiss lace for lace front and full lace wig. Swiss lace is finer and softer, it creates the appearance of a natural scalp, feels soft to the touch, and is comfortable to wear.

Cap Structure: Our cap is lightweight and comfortable.

VP wigs have ear tabs that can make the cap more secure. No need of glue and more comfortable to wear.

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Amo los maquillajes que se hace, bien hermosa queda :'(

Author — シhobi


I missed you so much~ But I also hope you use your voice again, the mans voice kind of freaks me out. but love ya~

Author — Mosh Potz


Could i know what the brand lashes do you used on video?

Author — Syahrani Dwi Lukmana


Omg this voice scared me 😂 Nice video btw 💕

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everything looks amazing with her face

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That voice thou xD Missed ur vids tooo Love yaaa

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Omg where did you get those lashes from? They look great. Awesome video btw, I’ve been wanting to do this with a black wig of mine

Author — Amelia Okumura


nunca había presionado una notificación tan rápido, te amo

Author — Ariel Cossio


what lenses are you wearing in this? I love them !!

Author — Neoxie


Omg finally! missed you c: love you<3

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Omg you're a godsend for making this video 😭💕 what type of silver dye did you use on the wig?

Author — Rory _


You're a very big inspiration to me. I watched you when I was younger and have loved seeing you change over the years into a beautiful young woman. I hope you are having a good year so far!

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If you’re looking for the lashes, they look close to Eyemazing! I can’t be sure, but they got tons of lashes that look super similar

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i need the name of those lashes, wow!

Author — Yikes


Love all theese hair styles, looks beautiful on you. But also remember that you look stunning without all this as well

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Omg what lashes are you wearing? they're stunning

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You look good with your gray hair and bangs, you look like Dove Cameron.❤️❤️

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youu are art sjsjjsjsj again me :3 so i love and you are my idol and mi inspiration my queen <3 <3

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As soon as you got that wig you reminded me of A2 from nier automata <3

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Everyone getting scared by the voice 😹

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