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Free therapy button
Only 777 seats left

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I asked Siri for a therapy

But now I'm her therapist 💀

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Why does this video have 1.8 million likes 💀🗿🍷

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Anti cringe shop😊

Therapy button 5 likes

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Glasses 13 likes

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Alchol that get rid of cringe 25 lìkes

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Grass isa type of plant with narrow leaves
growing from the base. Their appearance as a
common plant was in the mid-Cretaceous
period. There are 12, 000 species now.[3]
A common kind of grass is used to cover the
ground in places such as lawns and parks.
Grass is usually the color green. That is
because they are wind-pollinated rather than
insect-pollinated, so they do not have to
attract insects. Green is the best colour for
Grasslands such as savannah and prairie
where grasses are dominant cover 40.5% of
the land area of the Earth, except Greenland
and Antarctica.[4]
Grasses are monocotyledon herbaceous
plants. They include the "grass" of the family
Poaceae which are called grass by people. This family is also called the
Gramineae, and includes some of the sedges
(Cyperaceae) and the rushes (Juncaceae).[5]
These three families are not very closely
related, though all of them belong to clades in
the order Poales. They are similar adaptations
to a similar life-style.
With around 780 genera and around 12, 000
species, [3] the Poaceae is the fifth-largest
plant family, after the Asteraceae,
Orchidaceae, Fabaceae and Rubiaceae.[6]
The true grasses include cereals, bambo0
and the grasses of lawns (turf) and grassland.
Uses for graminoids include food (as grain,
sprouted grain, shoots or rhizomes), drink
(beer, whisky), pasture for livestock, thatching
thatch, paper, fuel, clothing, insulation,
construction, sports turf, basket weaving and
many others.

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Youtube: deleted
Phone: yeeted
Holy water: needed
Therapaist: greeted

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for all the sigmas who did not watch the vid 10 times
👇 🗿🍷

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Anti-cringe shop
1 like bleach
20 likes holy water
60 likes therapy
100 likes blindness
180 likes Talk to Jesus
250 likes Grass
400 likes "Report"
600 likes C4
700 likes AK47
800 likes Church
900 likes Get a girl
1000 likes Rocket Launcher

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That's weird, who would even do a video of that?

Author — @MyasAwesomeVideos


I would understand if this mans wife cheated on him 💀



this is more fatherless than the skibidi toilet fankids

Author — @robloxiankenny8879


No lo tenías que tapar a ver si el kulo estaba ricolino

Author — @user-cx7mw6ie4v


That one kid that keeps on trying to stop the vid just in time

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YouTube: deleted
Phone: yeeted
Holy water:needed
Therapist: greeted 😏

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My parents This looks very funny
Me I need therapy now

Author — @Weirdjester1243


This man probably is single honestly 💀

Author — @Sav.x.


After this my registration no longer exists

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why is it in my grandmother's recommendations?

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super universally ultra cringe button💀


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People who are kids or has kids watching this or a kid watching this with them

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