Will there be World War III? - Putin asked during Q&A session

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Will there be World War III? - Putin asked during Q&A session 4.5

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Huh, yeah. I agree with putin here. We need to talk with each other.

Автор — Sizano Green


I think there will be one. Somebody or persons will feel their grip on the world is slipping and will try for a small confrontation to back the other one down. Only problem is that they may not be able to control it and will go big really quick.

Автор — magellanmax


WW3 will arrive before Mount and Blade Bannerlord

Автор — Hustle


If you don't focus just on things that go BOOM, then the world has been in a global conflict for a long time. The USA is de-facto waging world war, since everybody is their enemy. Allies are just candidates for either full integration into the empire or annihilation.

Автор — Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜᴡɪɴ


US exceptionalism knows of no risk-assessment. That's not part of the philosophy of being destined to rule the world. As in the case of Germany earlier, those in control fearlessly push the conflicts to the respective next level, doubling down on local wars and sanctioning everyone in sight, friend and foe alike. This illogical behavior of village idiots inevitably has to end fatally. And that means in an all-out nuclear war they intend to win since losing is no option... but won't. Putin represents the human logic.

Автор — Ana Surena


Owh we will definitly see a 3rd world war and it will definitly be caused by the Media. bunch of idiots spreading fear and putting oil on the flames.
It actually wouldn't suprise me if they''e mentally preparing the west for war with Russia day in day out you hear how evil Russia and Putin are. It doesn't matter what happens it's Russia's fault.

In Vietnam America lost the hearts of it's people thus the war but if they would start a war now people are like yes get that evil Putin let's get Russia they're monsters.

Автор — Dave Vd


ww3 will happen if the enemies tries to step on russian soil.

Автор — freeyourmind


We've been at war ever since the federal reserve waged war on the dollars abroad and decided to use the masses as slaves to feed the system. Why do people all think that war is a handful of people storming the beaches on our coastlines? War is happening in front of our faces yet people think this world is "good"? Unbelievable. When war reaches our doorsteps the morons will blame Donald trump and say "this was never going to happen if he hadn't been president".

Автор — Kevin Charles


no sane person wants WWIII, but there are some in positions of power who are not lovers of humanity, some of whom might think 're-booting' history is a good idea, I have heard that idea doing the rounds.

Автор — Michael Gorman


CNN Headlines: Putin preparing to start WW III!!!

Автор — Fernando Hernandez


ISRAEL want one world government he is the main culprit

Автор — Mohammed Faizan


Putin speaking from the heart he does not want to see the world end which it will in the event of WW3. Putin wishes to see the world prosper with mutual respect/cooperation between Russia and the world.

Автор — LVPN 1


If the USA and Israel don't attack Iran then it will be delayed until they find another country to bully.

Автор — Obi Ihsan


Yeah, Einstein said any outcome of a possible WW3 will be dire to revert mankind back to the Stone Age

Автор — Black Panther


I was waiting to hear that word, 'No', never heard one.

Автор — the51project


Zionist western psychopaths want war the rest of humanity doesn't, we've had a hundred years of their evil wars and they still want more.

Автор — Peter Rumsby


No America no isreal = no more wars, world peace

Автор — narcassistic necessity


I read there were 3 events when nuclear war could have happened. All 3x the Russians were the ones that prevented it. Of course all 3 were caused by Americans (2 were by accidents and 1 was a game of chicken). I highly doubt Russians will be the first to use a nuke, most likely it’ll be the US and that’s coming from an American. There are way too many loose canons in the US government, both sides of the aisle.

Автор — I heart them Cat vids


India is the only country having good relations with the west and russia, with israel and islamic countries
Keep calm and let india act as a bridge to peace

Автор — Tejas Mohite


Putin is a smart man, he is trying to avoid war at all costs, but the US gov is being pushed by neo-cons who want to create problems so they can pump more money into the military.

Автор — Noodle Media America