Will there be World War III? - Putin asked during Q&A session

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Will there be World War III? - Putin asked during Q&A session 4.5

RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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Huh, yeah. I agree with putin here. We need to talk with each other.

Автор — Sizano Green


World War III is already going on. The so-called "Global War on Terror" is a global war = a world war.
Or does it not count because the people have brown skin?
Time for US to stop it now before it gets out of control.
It will get out of control.
The nimrods running our national war policy have have been wrong on everything else they initiated, and they are wrong on this point too.

Автор — Guo Mashi


Russia doesn´t start wars, it finishes them.

Автор — Jakubescu


No America no isreal = no more wars, world peace

Автор — narcassistic necessity


CNN Headlines: Putin preparing to start WW III!!!

Автор — Fernando Hernandez


Smart man.... Wish the Putin was our president here in the USA...

Автор — Big Val


What a difference compared to the lunatic in the white house .

Автор — Anders Stöök


The world needs to isolate Israel and the USA. They have both proved themselves to be lying, backstabbing, warmongering Global partners.

Автор — Red Rooster


Europe doesn't need war Europe has destroyed it self thanks to the eu.

Автор — Muhammad was Persian


Asked 1 question and answered 100 questions

Автор — Hamitic Pride


If you don't focus just on things that go BOOM, then the world has been in a global conflict for a long time. The USA is de-facto waging world war, since everybody is their enemy. Allies are just candidates for either full integration into the empire or annihilation.

Автор — Dowlphwin


Putin doesn't want war. But America does - America is absolute evil

Автор — yaşa


He should have asked "Will there be a Half Life 3?"



The third world war will be started by the despicable JEWS. the worlds most hated people, and the hate for them is getting worse by the day, a hate that is self inflicted by their bad inhuman behaviour for centuries.
Warthogs be always be warthogs, squealing with their tails held up high.

Автор — Dissident Wolverine


I just loved the last 4-5 years guys ... man Putin put the western media in its place made them look like the peanuts they are

Автор — Forger FortySeven


Only if the Rothschilds family want one.

Автор — warriorprince101010


Yes there will be WW3! It will be a nuclear attack, most of te countries will be destroyd and there will be almost nothing left. That’s why they said that WW4 will be with sticks and stones.. so sad, that human being can be this cruel. Ruining the world, for what??

Автор — Sevda T


Jesus is coming back soon.

Bible project on youtube.

Автор — Redred Derder


WW3 confirmed to be released before Half Life 3
This is so sad Alexa play decapitito 3

Автор — Altiverse


Do ya know this is the only real world leader we av and the world dnt realise how different it would be without power of
Countries like Syria would been overrun and puppeteer by ya know who...

Автор — James Snare