The Inside Story Of The Diamond Princess Viral Infection | Outbreak Onboard | Full Episode

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The Inside Story Of The Diamond Princess Viral Infection | Outbreak Onboard | Full Episode 5

In early February 2020, the Diamond Princess cruise ship was quarantined off the coast of Yokohama, Japan. Hundreds of passengers tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus and fourteen people died. As Chinese authorities were just beginning to deal with the outbreak of the disease in Wuhan, the Diamond Princess became the largest site of infection outside China. The viral outbreak tore through the ship as authorities desperately scrambled to curb the spread of the infection by confining over 2500 passengers to their rooms. Within two weeks, passengers and crew members were pleading with their governments to be taken off the ship. This is the story of how a luxury cruise liner turned into a floating epidemiological disaster- taking an in-depth look at how the authorities responded to an unprecedented situation when there were still so many unknowns.

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Is anyone else still sitting here thinking how these past 7 months possibly can't be real life?!?! So surreal to me still.

Author — Leanne Mac


This is going to be in a lot of peoples recommend videos in 2031

Author — Blaze Hogie


One word how alot of people onboard got infected: VENTILATION

Author — kikx A


First of all, Wuhan was NOT quickly shut down. Police arrested 8 doctors for warning their friends, allowed 500k people to flee the city, and against other doctor’s concerns allowed over 100k people to meet for a shared meal - before shutting the city down. And word has it, the first case was actually discovered on November 27, 2019. Possibly even in August.

Author — DelaCremeDela


Quickly shut down wuhan? Wtf they shut down the doctor bro.

Author — Cyrus Moghadaseh


Wow Imagine being the ones without the windows

Author — Australia Made since 1981


The crew did not "infect themselves". They were infected by a passenger who spread it to both crew and fellow passengers.

Author — Melissa Hollowell


Wow, that crew was really thrown to the wolves.

Author — Rover Dover


I remember following some twitter accounts of people who were "released" from quarantined on the cruise, but instead of going home, they decided to try and stay in Japan to travel more. Like, how irresponsible can you be??

Author — cyberslowpoke


3:55 make facts straight. Wuhan did not close fast. In fact, Wuhan closed too late that the virus already traveled the entire world

Author — Bry


How much u wanna bet that a few years from now their gonna play this vid in history class at school.

Author — Cheryl Keogh 11


For anybody that wishes to make a negative post against Princess or the passengers. Try to remember that we didn't know enough back then and neither did you.

Author — Super Nes


You couldn't even pay me to take a cruise anymore. Among the capsized, crashes, and now this outbreak - no thank you.

Author — Nette


The crew may want to go home but they are still heroes for keeping it all going even with death lurking around

Author — WolfyGirl2077


The fact that other cruise ships set sail even after this... A JOKE especially the people that carelessly got on

Author — Talia Fatafehi


03:56 "The city (Wuhan) was quickly shut down" YEEEAAAHHH RIGHT... Try that lie in about 30-50 years when we might start to forget.

Author — NaiaraDLCR


I cant believe anyone got on a cruise ship after this happened but people did

Author — Leah vapes86


What is sad is that Princess and other cruise lines kept sailing after this case. They kept sailing and infecting until mid March. Some crew members are still stuck on ships at sea.

Author — Amy Hartman


This will definitely be Made into a movie

Author — Jeffrey Alvin


My friend was on this ship for over a month until she finally got evacuated to California where they were then quarantined again. When she tried to fly back to China (where we live) she was informed she was on a do not fly list. When she was finally allowed to fly China had banned foreigners so she has been literally trapped away from home for 6 months as a result of being on this cruise.

Author — B Hammons