Samurai Shodown 64 - Shiki - Hyper Neo Geo 64 Beta Gameplay

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Now what do we have here? A rusty hulk of a door stop? A pretty paperweight? An extremely rare prototype? Or a retail rom on a strange cartridge?'s a prototype / beta of the retail release of Samurai Shodown 64. Presumably it's from the AOU 1997 show / location test phase of the game. It has a lot of differences in the colors, art, camera and heads up display. But it's still an awesome 3D fighting game...that's for sure! and it's not every day you find a Neo Geo prototype.

This is gameplay from Shiki. The other two characters will come in the next two Thursdays

Questions? Comments? Just leave them below and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them!


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Shiki is such a cool character and I'm so glad they integrated her into the main series in SS 2019. Thanks so much for sharing this interesting game! I wish there was an easy way to play Neo Geo 64 stuff.

Author — Grant Baxter


This and samurai shodown 64_2 Asura Zanmaden are very good and interesting games to play. 64_2 AS is my personal favorite. It's a shame that SNK never port to consoles

Author — Van Smoke


Shiki is a cool looking character fo sure VGE. She'll never be as popular as Mai or Athena, but this woman helps add spark to the seriousness in the SNK universe. I still believe she needs here own series in the Samurai Shodown sub-stories bro.

I posted this up on the Neo-Geo thread for you. It's on post #26, 203 for you to view. Thank you as always VGE. Keep up the great work you always do. 8^)


Author — Charlie Cat


Thank you so much :D and sorry for being 1 day late

Author — -Shiki-色