MLB | Not-So-Serious Baseball | Part 3

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MLB | Not-So-Serious Baseball | Part 3 4.5

Gotta stay loose during the 162 game grind.

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Spring Training is just around the corner!

Author — EXE-Edits


Damn Chicago teams sure do like doing this, awesome to see.

Author — TealThunder


That's professionals having fun not thinking about the money

Author — Robby Clay


It must be nice to be millionaires and play baseball.

Author — Sleeves 123


White Sox dude Gatorade bath'ing himself is hilarious!

Author — Chris Craven


In case you're wondering what the first clip was about. One of the games the Cubs bullpen played was called Bullpen Chicken, where if a foul ball was hit their way, they were not allowed to move for any reason. Sadly they can't do it anymore since they moved the bullpen at Wrigley Field from the baselines to under the bleachers after the latest renovations. (More info added below.)

As for the ball changing direction, it's well known that Travis Wood possess psychokinetic powers.

Addendum edit (For those who want to know everything and then some):
● The rules of Bullpen Chicken are as follows: During the game, as the pitchers are sitting in the bullpen, either on the bench along the wall or on folding chairs in front of the bullpen mound, they face the batter. If a foul ball comes their way, the object is to remain as still as possible, regardless of how close the ball comes to them, or even if it hits them.
● An official winner was never declared. However if a player did take a ball to the face, and didn't flinch, they would have been declared the winner.
● Bullpen chicken was started by the bullpen catcher Chad Noble in 2015, and then resurrected by reliever Travis Wood.
● Management did know about the game, but did not publicly disavow or stop it.
● The plan to move the bullpen to under the bleachers was already planned as part of a large scale, long term renovation of Wrigley Field, it wasn't done because of the bullpen's antics.

● Most importantly: The ball did strike Wood on the calf, and he did pitch in the 9th that day, where the Cubs won 6-1

Author — BlackKnight03


I remember during a rain delay the brewers and cubs had a dance off

Author — Brian Hanrahan


I lost it at 4:25 “watch this, DOINK” 😂

Author — Aliana Calderon


Love this. Wish MLB would allow for more fun and really capitalize on the amount of personality in their players like the NFL and NBA

Author — New York Superbowl Football Giants


I'd imagine you can't take baseball so seriously while playing 162 games.

Author — Dustin Platt


Yolmer Sanchez pouring the gatorade on himself MULTIPLE TIMES just had me in tears

Author — Jack Gorczyca


Walk off home run: extremely rare
Pouring Gatorade on your own head: priceless

Author — Frankincensed


Baez hugged him on purpose trying to be sneaky

Author — Durgan Zappala


I’m a cubs fan but you didn’t make it vague that you were one😂

Author — cbent48


Anyone else notice it was mostly Chicago teams?

Author — TheIrishOne21


0:43 is an optical illusion I was not expecting

Author — C Hunt


The gatorade dump on yourself has my stomach hurting lmao

Author — Sunnyside


10:20 Legend has it that the ball is still up there

Author — Kevin


.... because in the end....they're all playing a game!

Author — Christopher Blitz


0:44 how tf did that ball literally changed direction mid-air

Author — Erika Ricalde