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Watch again: Prime Minister's Questions 4.5
Watch again as the Prime Minister faces questions from MPs in House of Commons

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The year is 2192.The British Prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No one remembers where this tradition originated, but every year it attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Author — Steven Wild


Corbyn doesn't stand a chance of election, as the Labour Friends of Israel will form a queue to back stab his party with their mates at the BBC.

Author — bikerjon1


Dr Rupa Huq. Dr?
_"Dr Huq completed her PhD in cultural studies thesis on youth culture at the University of East London."_
Oh, okay. That sort of Dr. Explains a lot.

Author — Joe Bryant


The " brexiturd" comments are full - on - tonight ??

Author — GARY GRAY


Not sure why wines most the SNP representatives or Prince Harry.

Author — peter ellis


If CORBYN gets in all I can say is good luck to us all taxes will rise and all the ball that spurts out of his mouth is all for show how much this costs the TAX PAYER will all this lot it’s like watching a pack of wolves waste of b... time all of them

Author — Pedna


Bunter drops his pants to the eu, crosses red lines he said he would never cross, and comes back with something demonstrably worse than Theresa May's deal...and then tries to pass it off as some sort of brilliant last minute coup. And the hard of thinking who read the telegraph lap it up.

Author — Mark Ayre


Could someone explain to me where they are, and how politics works in the UK? and who are the speakers? I am from Mexico, I am very sorry for my English ...

Author — Kevin Avalos


Why does Mr Corbyn insist on answering questions put to him by asking a question? The answer is that he hasn’t got a clue when it comes to politics.

Author — ron nicholson


Northern Ireland - thrown under the "Brexit bus" . Great deal indeed. Dominic Cummins' principals (and it is not the PM by a long shot) have orchestrated this Brexit movement so callously precise, that it will leave the masses destitute. I see protests (the likes we see around the world ) in the post 2020 era. In anticipation Dominic and puppets (Johnson, Mogg and co.) have recruited more police. Ominous times for the UK and the world indeed. London's financial centre position already compromised (many have already relocated to other EU countries). Biggest banks are now Chinese and the EU have their own "SWIFT" equivalent. After social unrest has desensitised society, the world is primed for war, in order to restore power to where it is quite rapidly slipping away. Brexit is just a pixel in a portrait to restoring age old status quo, that is currently being challenged by the likes if China and Russia.

Author — Iam Me


GE. Needed. Gina miller is plotting to with the voting. On u tube. They need Delay to get plot in place., ,going to stop Any leave party. Boris Johnson Nigel Farage Brexit party. Be warned. Sabotage. Dam Gina miller Soros.

Author — Sheila Butterworth


They need to scrap the tv licence all together. Not just for the over 75s. The bbc is a out dated leftist biased outlet that should and deserves to go !!

Author — Martin Mowbray


I like the black woman with the sister locs next to Corbin. 👍🏾

Author — Varguennes


Boris Johnson just continues to lie time and again, FFS he's got years of previous for it and like sheep the gullible public keep falling for it.

Author — Kegs202