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Why is the DOLLAR the World's RESERVE CURRENCY? - VisualPolitik EN 5
You’ve heard this a thousand times: the American dollar is the World’s reserve currency, the hegemonic currency in the planet.

However, what does it really mean that the dollar is the hegemonic currency? I mean… how does the United States benefit from having a currency that is been used for the international trade? Is it really that important? Really? And the most important thing of all… Could the American Dollar loose its status? Could it be replaced by other currencies like the EURO or the Chinese YUAN?

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Look at all these PhDs in economics sharing well formed arguments in the comment section ... oh wait.

Author — brian'


I´m a little bit confused. If 20% of the Reserves are in Euro, why should the Chinese Yuan, which is makes only 1.2%, replace the Dollar?

Author — Zebra


Play the full intro and please fix the audio

Author — Don't question my comment


let's be frank, isn't the US Army the real reason why US dollar is reserve C? you can talk about gold, oil or even democracy, but I'm pretty sure the military power is the true answer.

Author — J Bill


what if I am the smart ass friend? o.o

Author — Daniel Pava


The Dollar is backed by the U.S. Military.

Author — Kleshmir Cribb


Well this is awkward. It's too new to read comments.

Author — SupaL33tKillar


buy bitcoin they said, it will go to the moon they said

Author — Mukul Thakur


Very should make this presentation to Trump

Author — Van Wong


NOT the yuan!! They DO NOT HAVE transparency in the economic system, nor will they allow it as long as the Communist Party rules. Australian, Canadian, Euro, CHF, Sterling. In that order. Maybe even the NZ $, if you want to be a maverick.

Author — B R


So if US dollar is circulating less due to alleged US isolationism wouldn't that increase its value even more? Euro is a good alternative but EU is not a stable entity and will probably cede to exist as we can see with Brexit. China is a communist regime so Yuan will never be trusted too much. Switzerland is just too small of a country. Like it or hate it USD will rule for decades to come.

Author — mlynto


Damn, I'm pretty early. So early you could fix the audio and upload it again and no-one will ever notice 😉

Author — Sterlin Charles


5:00 - Simon on the 99% of VisualPolitik viewers

Author — Mr Nice Guy


less than an hour after this video was uploaded ARS/USD was not longer 30=1...40=1 instead...

Author — fafaafaaa


This video glosses over the real reason why dollar is the reserve currency.

Author — miiiikku


Don't buy more USD than you can afford to lose

Author — Efektowne Tasowanie Kart


Seems like the Amount of Currency in Circulation determines the Supply (US continual Printing of USD while Venezuela depreciates) and the Use (Demand) determines the Value of USD. Similarly, Dollar Devaluation ids determined by the same factors.

Author — Phillip


What if the dollar consists of A R T I L L E R Y O N L Y

Author — 1jomojo


There are more reasons for US dollar being reserve currency. The main one being US military presence all over the world. What were real reasons for murdering Saddam Hussein or Qaddafi? Wasn't it that they planed to remove dollar as a currency they traded with other countries? For the same reason US military supports criminal regime of Saudi Arabia.

Author — frank van der


Special drawing rights might be a preferable replacement, but the Chinese renminbi might be the most likely replacement.

Author — Jarrod Baniqued