Trump's endgame: Palestinians boycott US-led Bahrain Conference

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The U-S president delighting Israel and Gulf allies by ordering fresh sanctions against Iran's leadership. A donor conference in Bahrein that promises a public-private partnership to develop the Palestinian Territories, an "economy first" approach long espoused by the current right wing Israeli leadership. Left out is any whiff of compromise on a political solution, hence the boycott of the Bahrein workshop by the Palestinians themselves.

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Damian .. Or Sorry i mean Jared, the free masons choice to play the Israeli Messiah in their end game plot.

Author — Alex Kid


Just imagine the deal of the century what a joke!

Author — parviz t


the chronology of event will reveal who was behind tanker attack. weeks prior to attack the US military carriers despatched to the gulf, then they escalated the threat by adding 1000 more troops to it, while Japanese PM was in Tehran, trying to warn Tehran of US plan, their oil tanker was attacked. Suffice to say if US was not behind attack how it know weeks before, so that to prepare themselves and have their military apparatus ready in the region, US needed an excuse to put more pressure on the Gulf countries for more submission or else face chocking their exports.

Author — Kaity Dunston


endgame is to have a T Tower in Isreal, Moscow, Saudi and the beautiful beautiful North Korea seaside

Author — EK Lim


When they say they are delaying the roll out of the plan again until after Israeli elections that should tell you something. If the political part of the deal is fair then why not roll it out including borders?

Author — In My Opinion


What warships does Europe have to send? LOL

Author — SilvanaDil


The guy from Boston is living in the American dream land ... one thay insists that America and Israel dominance ... which is forced on hundreds of countries and whom people worldwide dont want! ..

Author — suki mann


American and Middle East Gulf States free donation to Palestinian is questionable after Peace to Prosperity Plan.

Author — Rajasingam Muthusamy


Mr. Kusnar. Two years preparing for this event and you finally come out with a solution based on imagination. Your imagination to allure everyone into your mucky waters. We in Palestine cannot afford to imagine, nor go deeper into any kind of water, we are living the reality of a terrifying occupation and we need an immediate end for it. Can you imagine?

Author — mw Shanti


Bonhomie between Zionist and Wahhabi/salafi regimes.

Author — De Tube


Who Is this guy John? What Mideast democracy coalition ? Old rhetoric ! Iranians determine to have their own destiny but not US !

Author — Mohican D


I wish someone would offer to give me $50, 000, 000, 000 dollars and then still consider me a suffering victim.

Author — Daniel Swindell


The Palestinians should have their own and govern themselfs.ISRAEL should stop continuing takeing land from the Palestinians.

Author — Alee Thelfa


Palestinians boycott sheep shearing competition in Queensland, oh

Author — dennis donovan


Imagine a new middle east. Full of Trump Towers. Who needs human rights, home ownership, freedom, peace when you have new oligarchs running things for their personal gain?

Author — zoo judy


This Hajjar is a loud mouth piece for drumpf and Big Oil and ultimately Israel too.

Author — Robert Musacchio


Let us make it simple and clear if you are weak you have no voice and if you are strong that invites discussion and recognition. And if we shift and change this philosophy then it becomes an issue of moral standing on how we can reconcile and be fair to one and another.

Author — Mojeer Yunis


On Iran developing ballistic missiles but that is a right by any nation... hackish people keep mention it as it is a violation of any agreement when it is not (most street people don't know the difference on type of missiles). On Iran using proxies in the area is well known and unhelpful for peace, but again, no difference on what other actors are doing it at the same, if not greater actually, Iran inference in neighboring countries has been mostly a response to other inferring on it first.

Author — Noes Vencia


Big difference between Iran and Palestinian people
Palestinian is under OCCUPATION

Kushner is Not Honest Broker

Author — Loubaba Arhbal


If Trump understands the business so well. Why isn't he calling for Reparations for African Americans where he lives? the ones who built the country economically. The African American community has been on sanction over 400 years. Clean up your own house first.

Author — Dr. Gilda Bribieseca