Mid-air small plane collision kills 1

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Mid-air small plane collision kills 1 4.5
One person died after two small planes collided Sunday morning. The pilot of one plane died, but the occupants of the second plane safely landed at the Ottawa airport and were uninjured. A former plane crash investigator with the Transportation Safety Board talks about how this could have happened.

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As a pilot with 200 hours....the way this expert is explaining how general aviation works sounds like total madness if you think of it from a lay persons pov

Author — Sam


I herd that one of the pilots had a habit of getting high

Author — Mickey Fam


My theory as to what happened is the piper was on a straight-in approach while the Cessna was in the traffic pattern. The piper was making a fast descent while the Cessna was making a tight base. The piper could have been focusing on the approach while the Cessna was focusing on making the tricky base-to-final turn (which I know from experience) the Cessna might have neglected announcing the checkpoints on the traffic pattern because of how quiet the airport is. Meanwhile the piper was likely trying to perfectly line up the approach, focusing on making sure the plane was ready to land, and missed the Cessna below.

Author — - Caesarian -


It was probobly those hideous eyebrows on the news weirdo that caused it.

Author — S C


Not another one of Hillary's truth tellers hopefully.. Only one pilot was mentioned?? Did one of them survive?

Author — susan Frazer