Neetu's Thoughts On Living With Rishi Kapoor | Valentine's Week Special | The Kapil Sharma Show

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Neetu's Thoughts On Living With Rishi Kapoor | Valentine's Week Special | The Kapil Sharma Show 4.5
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We bring to you some special clips adhering to the valentine's day. It's a day of love, so sit back and stay tuned for some special moments of the very special week of the Valentine's Day.

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💬 Comments on the video

Taimur ki shakal BHT milti ha rishi Kapoor sa

Author — positive vibes


Neetu kapoor is faaar better and polite thn him.

Author — shubham Thakur


Not easy to live with Kapoor’s men. Seems like they all have drinking and severe Anger issues. Nitu even being so strong for sure sacrificed so much to survive in marriage for her kids like so many other desi women. Sad truth

Author — aana bber


The only dignified and maintained kapoor - Neetu !

Author — aayush verma


Neetu Kapoor is much calmer and poised than Rishi Kapoor

Author — Giyah Gracious


Now i get it.. where ranbir has got all his humour from.. neetu ji🤗😍

Author — Sujeet Agrahari


i think neetu is really really a matured n strong nerved woman

Author — Hasina Mamtaz eva


Neetu had a hard life managing rishi n his son both r cockhead

Author — Lovey prashr


Why does a husband always behave as if he cant wait to get rid of his wife? It is sad to see Neetuji being slighted all the time, in every interview.

Author — Amrutha A S


why Rishi kapoor is behaving like a chidchida budahha

Author — arif ali voice


Neetu Kapoor's voice is so sexy n she is such a nice person.

Author — Sonali Singh


Does that sardar get paid to just sit and laugh all day? He seems to be on so many shows sitting and laughing only

Author — googlegirl25


Neetu is so ranbir ki mother kam sister jada lagdi hain 😁

Author — Sukhdeep Singh


She seems extremely dreaded of him 😟

Bhagwan kisiko aisa husband na de

Author — meenakshi shukla


My husband is of same nature as rishi but iam not like neetu she is more calmed than me

Author — ziyan sheikh


She is a poor Lady With This Guy Rishi. She told a Friend of Mine ( her hairdresser in Mumbai) that rishi always Cheated on her. .

Author — eva farhat


Rishi Kapoor doesn't even love her or respect her as much. .i don't like him.

Author — Dipanwita Chatterjee


kis kadar saryal budha hai..neetu ki himat hai itny saal se guzara kri isky sath..isay to ek comedy pgrm k interview mei b jhelna mushkil hora hai...

Author — aimen shakil


NEETU : "He's never had affairs"
*Sidhu starts laughing XD XD

Author — Shubham Singh


Rishi kapoor ke bhi affairs nhi hue toh fir toh affairs hue hi nhi kisi😂😂yeh log kitna safed jhuth bolte hai jaise public ko kuch pata hi😂😂😛😛

Author — Anu Duggal