Jon Dorenbos Auditions & Performances America's Got Talent 2016 Finalists

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Jon Dorenbos Auditions & Performances America's Got Talent 2016 Finalists 5

America's Got Talent 2016 Finalist magician John Dorenbos auditions and performances! Watch his first audition, judges cuts, quarter finals, semi finals and final performance!
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Did anyone notice that when jon snapped the football to the map, it landed on Pennsylvania? Home of the philadelphia eagles.

Author — Edward Shi


I love Jon's reaction to the golden buzzer. Most people drop their jaws and look amazed; Jon just nods his head as if to say "yep, I'm that awesome".

Author — Taylor Holmstrom


howie always seems like a kid when there is a magic trick lmao

Author — Eduardo Alencar


"Simon, you missed an 8x12 foot map, that's impressive"

Author — Bryce Crane


He has the most epic closing line in history.

"I'm Jon Dorenbos PEACE OUT!!!"

Author — johnstjohn1987


Neo: “Can I do something?”
Janitor: No no no no no
Neo: *Presses Golden Buzzer*

Author — Zahkozu


"You just missed an 8 by 12 foot board, that's impressive" lol

Author — Stephsaguudefan


"The stage is yours"
*walks off stage immediately*

Author — End Nitro


Magician, comedian, and inspirational speaker while he's at it. Absolutely fantastic guy all around.

Author — edmaircraft


"I don't know if that's a machine gun."
"It's a dog."
Killed me so bad. XD

Author — Wendy Whispered


Last digit is the personality you are
2: mel B
3: Amanda
4: Howie
5: neo
6: Heidi
7: Howard stone
8: ant
9: dec
0: your one in a million congratulations
Plz like

Author — Jason Ferguson


Too bad he didn't win his final show was very emotional, made me tear up. He didn't want a grand finale, he didn't want something grand, something fancy, something shiny. He wanted to show the world his vision, he wanted to share his hope, he wanted to tell a *_STORY_*, the story of life. He did something that little other actors were able to do. His act was one that will stay in my heart forever.

Author — This Random Socialist


When he said to Simon at the start "Pick a card in your head" I pictured the three of clubs then Simon said 'The Three of Clubs'
I was like

I should be up there

Author — Rk5 IxAmxEpiphany


I wonder what it is like in the Eagles locker room with him

Author — Tempo


Jon: Energetic while doing the tricks
Also Jon: Calm when getting Golden Buzzer

Author — ccMinko


1:42 Turn on the subtitles and it says in parenthesis (he pulls card from ass) hahaha xD

Author — Chronosverse


Magician made mistake
Me: something cool gonna happen

Author — Asep Basreng


The most chill reaction to getting the golden buzzer i have ever seen.

Author — zach lor


7:08 he hits golden buzzer for a magician wow

Author — Sardar Aayan


"mel b you are the heart of my life" i wonder how he's girlfreind react

Author — yoga narayan