Lems Boulder Boots VS Air Jordans

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As a former sneaker head I never thought that I would not stop coping the hottest mainstream brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. But as the years continue to pile up I started to second guess what’s honestly been second nature to me. First it was the kids, buying top shelf kids for them is expensive! Then it was (and has been for some time now) me dealing with back, knee, and foot pain. I wanted to get to the bottom of all these issues. Turns out all those mainstream, extra cushion shoes may be the root cause to all the pain and discomfort I’ve been dealing with all along. Fortunatley my sister-in- law put me on to this whole new world of minimalistic, zero- drop even "barefoot" shoes. Spefically she told me about a comapny called Lems. They design shoes for the shape of the natural foot. Wearing shoes that are minimalistic with a wide toe box can allegedly help improve posture, reduce injury and help improve foot strength just to name a few. I had nothing to lose. I gave there most popular shoe, the Boulder Boot a try. Honestly right out the box they feel amazing. I've only been rocking it for one day so far (from the time of this recording (Jan 3rd). I will try them out for a month at the least before I giveaway everything else.
I'm not affiliated with Lems. I used my own money to purchase these boots, so I’m gonna give you my honest opinion when it’s all said and done. So are I’m super excited to finally own kicks that I don’t have to conform to and hopefully I’ll never have to look back. Now all I need a a pair of dress shoes and sneakers of the same concept and I’m golden. So I need recommendations! Do I stick with Lems or should I try Vivobarefoot or Wildlings?

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Facts man! I just started wearing lems this month this yr and i sold all my jordan 1s. Tbh, Nike shoes are super tailored and it will mess us up in the future. Lems for the win!

Author — marvin gonzales


I’ve been rocking lems for about a year I have the primal zen and they have been a gem! Never going back to regular shoes again!

This is the first video I’ve seen on your channel but just some feedback as a viewer is when you speak louder that mic is not helpful.



Definitely the demographic! I mean we get uncomfortable expensive sneakers pushed to us lol my first pair of Jordan’s I loved but I was walking like Frankenstein. Speaking of barefoot I used to see this dude jogging home a few years back. He was running barefoot!! I used to be I took a pic I need to find that. The human body when treated right is indestructible! I’ll invest! Let me know how they feel after 30 days. Thanks bro

Author — Family Memories


I never knew this was even a thing and how interconnected these issues are! I’m going to give these fugly shoes a try. 🤣🤣

Author — Patricia Irvine


Dewalt Plasma is the minimalist steel toe you're looking for. How about sizing on the boulder boot. Did you go true to size? same size as your nikes?

Author — Scott Wilkes


You never realize how much of coffins traditional shoes are until you put on your first pair of barefoots

Author — David Mcgaha


Now that I’m on to the minimalist wave, where do I go from here? I need a pair of kicks, dress shoes, and hopefully work boots to complete my set. What do y’all recommend?

Author — Irvz All In It


Xeroshoes is working on steel toe shoe.

Author — Tony Godino


Wow! If Will Smith had a twin brother. I have a pair of Vivo Barefoot coming in the mail as we speak. Coming all the way from Australia. Major sale with free shipping.

Thanks for the vlog beloved...

Author — Ishmael Bey


gonna try them. I can only wear merrell slip on shoes they are wide look at them

Author — Shane Pipkin


Lol I am a 62 year old white guy and just got fed up with name brand shoes a couple of years ago and switched to Xero Shoes. Tried the Lems Primal Zen and I like them maybe even better than the Xero's. Anyway enjoyed your video enough to comment 👍

Author — Food Forest Retirement


Hey idk if you found any work boots yet but check out the desalt plasmas or birkenstock qs 700. Both are zero drop if you take out the soles and steel toe, dewalt also has a soft toe if steels not needed.

Author — Michael C


Haha, I recognize them shoes you wear cuhz.😂😂😂. You style’em like they red bottoms tho, RESPECT. Comfort is Key! 💪🏿💪🏿

Author — MuchWrecc


They make the same boot in a lighter material that is better for summer. Check it out

Author — Boda Knows