The Kremlin's Secret War: Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine (Full Length)

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The Kremlin's Secret War: Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine (Full Length) 4
The bitter conflict in Ukraine has cost thousands of lives, but the Russian government has continuously denied sending its soldiers to the frontlines, despite accusations to the contrary from NATO and Western officials.

Since August 2014, a small but steady stream of coffins began arriving in villages across Russia, containing the maimed bodies of soldiers killed in “unknown circumstances.” Some would be buried hastily at night or in secret funerals, their graves zealously guarded from prying outsiders. Journalists investigating the deaths have reported being threatened with intimidation and attacks.

In cases that the Kremlin could not so easily ignore, the dead or injured have been hailed as “volunteers” who entered Ukraine on leave from the army — heroes who fought unofficially for the freedom of their Russian-speaking brethren.

VICE News travels to Russia to investigate the mysterious deaths of dozens — possibly hundreds — of active-duty Russian servicemen who are believed to have been killed in Ukraine. Accounts gathered from soldiers’ families, human rights workers, and government officials cast doubt on the Kremlin narrative, revealing the unacknowledged sacrifices borne by Russia’s ghost army.

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Saying 'get out of the city' while slashing someone's tyres isn't too efficient.

Author — Heavygusto


The mother of the deceased soldier is such a brave and beautiful woman.

Author — Cybelle Burgess


I cannot express my gratitude for all the people involved that haad the courage to speak up and put this together, this is true journalism, something that has become a rare thing today where mass-media is bombarding us with bits of information that is copied from other media centres, this is what can truly bring change into the minds of people and bring governments and organisations that are acting in their own intrests to justice

Author — Burdie Birdie


I miss this Vice when actual journalism was shown...

Author — Joseph Ybarra


So what happens to taxi guy after they see this documentary?

Author — eTheBlack


I love how most legitimate criticism of Russia are meat with deflections on how much everybody else sucks.

Author — infinit888


As a citizen of country that was invaded by SSSR as part of "friendly help" I think I have idea how they feel like. Go home guys, there is no need to die in foreign country for a guys that lets your country slowly starve just to fill his own ambitions.

Author — tarkurius


Putin is using the same tactics his old bosses taught him. The Russians denied they were fighting in Afghanistan, but it became clear, now they are using better and modernized tactics but the old saying applies for Mr. Putin. 
"Ujku qimen e ndërron, por zakonin s'e harron." which means in English "The wolf may grow new fur, but he never forgets his habits." 
Just like Putin, he may have changed his suit and the way Russian people see him, but deep down he is still a KGB operative.

Author — Punished Illy


(ru) Спасибо за этот правдивый фильм!
Пожалуйста, делайте титры и на русском языке, чтоб люди в России могли через Ваши фильмы увидеть правду тоже.
А патриоты России, Украины, Беларуси и все честные люди будут распространять ссылки на Ваш канал.
Нам важно знать правду. Нам важно видеть правду с разных сторон. Нам важно, опираясь на фундамент правды, устранить причины этой войны, чтоб прекратить эту войну.

Война начатая на лжи и развивающаяся ложью закончится только через правду и нашу активность.

Author — Sephiroth Abathur


Funniest part is tat russia is ruled by fascist regime, and they manage by propoganda tell to their people that Ukraine is fascist :D lol. More Vodka!!!

Author — Karolis Kaunas


Putin "There are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine! Period!"
Yet, russain soldier's bodies are piling up. Explain that Putin!

Author — StarCraftBoy100


The war continues in the comment section of Youtube

Author — Turbofox


"Do you love the government?" sounds just like Russian thinking. Reminds me of Breshnev

Author — SmithN' Wesson


800 of Putin's elite internet troll army got past defenses to the dislike button.

Author — zzman305


"Thats my fate then... what else can I say?"

Author — Nospoon53189


This reporter is so damn fine.. love this report!

Author — Big Sleezo


Thank you for your work.
Спасибо за работу.

Author — Dan S


"Tracked me down so quickly, " lmao, NSA is even quicker

Author — Shame we live in the 21st century


This is irreverent to the video but that Sergey Khokhlov is so handsome 😍

Author — Shania Jean


I just love me a doc about Russians in BB's :)

Author — M Noel