7 Reason Why YOU Should BUY the FUJIFILM X-T3 in 2022

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In this video we will be having a look at the Fujifilm X-T3 and why the Fujifilm X-T3 is the best Camera you can buy in 2022:

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💬 Comments

Who still shoots with the x-t3 or is planning to get one 📷

Author — Florian Frickel


I've been shooting with the XT3 for about a year now.
I've used Sony A74, Canon 5D Mark IV, Nikon D750 and all for professional shoots, but for my personal work I love my Fuji. Only Fuji makes pro APSC cameras, barring Sony's 6000 series. I prefer APSC for its smaller size, which comes in handy for travel and wildlife photography, and I prefer Fuji's colours to Sony's.
The XT3 was a no-brainer for me and I've been absolutely loving it!

Author — Manas Pratim Pathak


I love the XT3. I found one good add to it is to add a grip. I added the Small Rig full cage with grip to it and it's great. I always thought the camera was too small but adding the grip and some solid protection around it makes all the difference. It kind of elevates the camera to something even more than it is.

Author — Garret Gray


You can easily replace xt3 with xt2 in the title of this video. I did a side by side comparison and it is difficult to see the difference. Sometimes the xt2 pics look more saturated. No problem to use a xt2 and xt3 of course in 2022. I even have a xt1 that looks very good by todays standards.

Author — Audiman


this is my "first" ever camera after being into photography for over 8 years back in 2018 when it released. preordered it 2 months after I got the fujifilm xe3 and still use and love it to this day. Video capabilities is still SUPERB in 2022.

Author — IOwOI


A fantastic camera. I finally upgraded from my old X-T1 to a new X-T3 in late November. I'm loving everything about this camera. It's everything I loved about the X-T1, improved across the board. I do miss that X-Trans II sensor though. The X-Trans IV does perform much better in a lot of situations, but that old II sensor has a certain magic. But overall, the upgrade was worth every penny. As you mentioned, the video from the X-T3 is fantastic. The newer sensor lets in so much more light even at the same camera settings as the X-T1. Filming talking head video on the X-T3 is a pleasure, and a big step up in performance and quality from the X-T1. All that said, I've been enjoying your channel since it was recommended to me by YouTube. Lots of great content.

Author — Charles Dunkley


NIce content bro! i'm from jamaica purchased my xt3 in early 2021 and got my viltrox 56mm f1.4 in november. Loving it, hoping to gain more experience and starting my journey in photography with the fuji family : )

Author — Ronald Bingling


I love my XT3 for landscape, I had the choice of the XT3 or 4 when upgrading from the XT1 but the screen articulation on the XT3 was worth more to me than the IBIS. I am excited about this years new cameras though, my only reason to go XH2 or XT5 will be higher resolution for cropping and zooming without having to get longer glass, if we dont get that I will stick I think.

Author — Andrew Knowles


Great video, I shoot with an X-T2, which I think is still a phenomenal camera in 2022, but will very likely part exchange it for the X-T3. My only issue is your battery recommendation; there's no way I'd trust a third party brand that's effectively less than £10 in my camera when you can buy a used Fuji original in 'as new' condition for only £24 off sites like MPB. I've heard way too many horror stories of cheap after-market batteries swelling up inside the camera...

Author — Kevin Lynch


Waiting for the XH2 to release in May, then maybe the XT3 will go further down in price a bit. Currently shooting with XH1 and XT20. Looking forward to that 10-bit color and 4K 60fps

Author — Paterno Cappelli


I just bought my second X-T3 and love them. Got a great deal on eBay for one in mint condition for less than half the cost of X-T5.

Author — Jackie D'Elia


Great video, Florian my man. As to my **7 Reasons I choose Fujifilm X-T3**

1. As of now/currently, I have been experienced in the art of photography for 30 years. The lot of it with 35mm film, which I still shoot still photography with & Fujifilm's stock is my favorite.

2. While the lot of my years, I have been a Canon native user. I analog bodies and lenses as well as digital equipment in both aps-c crop and full frame. So when going mirrorless, before Canon redefined their mirrorless bodies. Fujifilm took that nod.

3. Ergonomics of the camera body. Because Fuji is used to it's market & clientele. They take notes and know what their users/buyers need in equipment. The look plus feel in the hand, along with the buttons and knobs are all callbacks of the past.

4. Fujifilm film simulation; I can change the look of the media I capture, be it stills or video. Look online and their are forums and pages with set recipes/settings to get your media to look like other films from actual stock.

5. Not really new, as all other camera bodies & systems do it, but: Lens Adapter. I use my collection of Canon FD mount vintage lenses with the X-mount. Bokeh, color, clarity and richness are as distinctive as the different lenses I use with the X-T3.

6. Lightweight and extremely travel friendly, wherever your trip(s) take you. Sure the battery isn't as good as my Canon 5D line of bodies. But it works as great as I need it to.

7. Fujifilm goes hand in hand & works well in tandem with my Canon gear. While one can work predominantly with stills. The other can be the designated video camera. Nikon, Sony and Canon's full frame cameras I am not missing nor see a use in when I have one already with DSLR. I do see myself picking up a GFX100 for digital/mirrorless medium format shooting. With Fuji, it is like I never left and can hop right back on the bike to ride on.

Author — Eddy Blanco


Interesting to see shots of my home city, York - shots that I have also taken on my X-T3!

Author — Roger Walton


I got my XT3 just before Christmas with the 16-80 f4 for £1000 👍🏻 brilliant camera

Author — Arkaus


It’s my favorite camera of all time. It’s now all I use.

Author — Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow


I really like the look and feel of the Fuji, but in terms of value, I recently bought an Olympus OM-D Em1 mkii, and the Ibis, lens choice, menus, size and price, all suggest I made the right choice. But I do like the look of the XT3...

Author — George H


Question with this camera as I’m a beginner I want a camera to take photos of views and sunsets and people in sun rests would this camera be perfect for that or do I need something else

Author — lewis pears


I freaking love Fuji, but because i don´t have enough money i stay with Canon, used lenses are a lot cheaper

Author — Don Caluga


Which one should i buy for video? A6500 or xt-3. Street photo and %80 video.

(A6500 with 18-105 f4)
(Xt-3 with 18-55 2.8-4)

Author — mucolata


Thanks for this video. I belive that I will buy one fo this for me.

Author — J. Esteban Berrío