David Chalian: This number may send chill down spine of Trump's campaign

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David Chalian: This number may send chill down spine of Trump's campaign 4.5
Six in 10 Americans say President Donald Trump does not deserve to be reelected, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, and more now say he's doing a poor job than a good one of keeping important campaign promises.

Overall, the poll paints a picture of a President who has done little to improve negative impressions of him or his work during his time in office. Across several questions asked early in Trump's time in office and asked again now, the poll finds little positive change and deep partisan polarization.

The 60% who say the President does not deserve to be reelected is similar to the 63% who felt that way in November 2017. That outpaces his most recent predecessors at a similar stage in their presidencies. In October 2003, a CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll found that 52% of Americans thought George W. Bush did deserve reelection, and Gallup's polling in 2011 found the share saying Barack Obama did not deserve to be reelected stood in the low 50s.
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Black women: 3% approval rating. Proud of that number.

Author — Tanya O'Kain


39% is way too high. My faith in humanity is fading fast.

Author — MisterNiles


Dude 39% For real....Ridiculous...It should be in the 20s...low 20s...Where are all these Imbeciles in America so i dont go there

Author — KenyaNu Era


So it is official: Most of Republicans are insane.

Author — thorium222


How Americans Feel About Trump?
Sick, Nauseous, Ashamed

Author — slraifsnider


Good I can't wait to see this lying little Dueshbag get thrown out on the white house lawn...

Author — Jimmy Rubino


I don't give a damn about the polls until election day. I just want him gone.

Author — DRSmetal


I’m so tired of these shows talking about this criminal trump like he’s normal. 🙄

Author — Valicity Hudson


How is his approval number that high? Did your poll include chimps at the local zoo? Hello! They cant vote.

Author — Trump Sucks Cock


Clearly, black women are the smartest demographic.

Author — Lisa Broe


Republicans won't care until they lose. That's how they'll learn.

Author — Green Tangerine


trump has the lowest voter approval rating! trumps the worst president ever.🇺🇸

Author — Fixer Upper


I can't believe the liar in chief has that much support.

Author — Drool Alot


Black Women kniw where it's at when it comes to Trump.. (3% approval)~!

Author — Stoney Curtis


Shout out to black woman for being the smartest group

Author — MegaRudyray


At least we now know who the idiots in our society are. all 39% of them

Author — Eskay1206


7% of Democrats approve of his work? Fake Democrats. That should be 0%.

Author — JR N


He won't make it that long with his mental capacity diminishing everyday!

Author — Michael Nelson


how the f$%k does he still get 39% approval!

Author — Jonathan Hampshire


Funny - I feel that even THOSE numbers are high for Trump; I mean considering how horrible he is...

Author — Denver