Myanmar lands 700 boat people, says most belong to Bangladesh

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Myanmar lands 700 boat people, says most belong to Bangladesh 4
Myanmar brought ashore more than 700 boat people it had blocked at sea for days, as the United States on Wednesday called on the country to solve a migrant crisis by recognising the rights of its Muslim Rohingya minority.

But Myanmar authorities said they believed most of the migrants were from neighboring Bangladesh - and they took them away in buses towards the border. The Rohingya were held separately at their landing point, Reuters news agency reported.

In this "Southeast Asia migrant cris…

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Mother chud mulla Jan bujte tiger Ka Muh may hat dalta hasi to moro abhi

Author — Virat N Sarkar


Bangladesh sud take in more rohingya and pakistan also sud take the rohingya

Author — kukul kan


ОЛЛОХ ни рахми келсин емонларга жазо берсин

Author — Mohl nur


same way shoot the all bangladeshi Mayanmar or burmise peoples.

Author — Safe Drive Stay- Alive


Bangladesh is seriously a very big problem for is neighbouring countries

Author — Human Being


They should come in legally. It's great that US has withdrawn from the UN's Human rights committee. UN and the media has become a centre of politically left organisation.
Obama, Oh how you loved the blacks and the Muslims. Look what you have created.

Author — Emi Lotha


Why Bangladesh don't want them is the bigger question

Author — Leivang Pauzamung


ALLAH Buddhist ko Rabat aur barbaad karde AMEEN SUM AMEEN

Author — Kamran _046


Now bangaladesh should understand how bad its for them sending bangaladeshi illegal migrants to India.

Author — Ritu Shukla


Awakening Myanmar, developing Myanmar, Heartful respect for ever. Bande Mataram.

Author — Gauranga Roy


Achhe se rahate to ye din nahi dekhne padte

Author — Jayesh Manek


Massive illegal immigrants from bangladesh have already entered into 17 states and UTS {Union territory} in india.reports said that 20 millions including 5 millions at Assam state of India.. Illegal immigrants of bangladesh influxed into the Rakhine state via open borders between two countries like same way in india. Several thousand illegal immigrants of bangladesh entered not only into Myanmar illegally. But also a numbers of fishing boats from bangladesh caught fishs at Myanmar waters often illegally. Even some local fishing men were killed at bay by outnumbered illegal fishing boats. Bangladesh will have to pay for that next time.

Author — ba kheg


Verma is good country, Budh non violence but many accident and reason for rogiye



He alla rohinga ma vaibonder sisuder rokhha koro

Author — Tp Nt


Budhisiom is terrorism. They are not the people of Bangladesh. They are Rohingya from Rakhaine state. Myanmar's army kicking them out from their living place because they are muslim.

Author — World Humanity


Buddies terror Islam zindabaad insallah mitane ki koshish krlo mitenga nhi

Author — Soyab Gujjar