Parazapper & Spooky2, Frequencies & Healing

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Parazapper & Spooky2, Frequencies & Healing
According to Hulda Clark:
“Parasites can be killed with a very small voltage. But only IF the voltage is 100% Positive Offset, and only IF the voltage is varied up and down repeatedly”.
“If the varying voltage become NEGATIVE, even momentarily, it supports and maintains their lives!” ,,,, “If the voltage is applied in pulses, to produce a "Square wave, it will affect many parasites at once so that the rate raising and lowering it, called frequency, is not critical. Even though these tiny animals undoubtedly have a "mortal frequency", this rate does not need to be known or used when a square wave of electricity, totally positive, is used.” ,,,, “A positive electrical force that pulses up and down not only appears to kill tiny invaders, it also seems to energize white blood cells to go on an all-out attack on your enemies: your parasites, your toxins everything in spite of their four blockers. In spite of benzene PCBs, metals and asbestos! For a time your white blood cells turn into Super-WBCs. That is why I recommend eight hours of zapping daily until you are well.”

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Spooky definitely works also we've been using the liposomal C and feel great and I work 60+hrs a week

Author — Professional Welders


love your vids, just an easy going guy right? I bought the Victory machine from Cardston Medical, I have to admit I am a bit afraid to use it, I will soon, I am just a ninny its not the machine. So you just set the Spooky and left it in the room, the cat didnt have to hold it? lol,   I am serious, I dont precisely understand this concept and want to.

Author — Diadem Glow


Does Spooky2 work like a zapper?  No, although it can if you wish. Spooky2 was designed to function as a Rife machine.
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Most zappers work by mixing together a number of set frequencies that can’t be changed by the user. Others, like Spooky2 in zapper mode, use a fixed frequency, a prescribed voltage of 9–9.5 volts, 100% Offset, a square wave, and prescribed frequency durations followed by set rest periods.
As a result, a very large range of harmonics is produced, not all of them good for you. Long-term use of any zapper may damage the beneficial flora, just as a broad-spectrum antibiotic kills all bacteria – friendly ones included. This is true also of the Spooky Spectrum-type sweeps.
When running these sweeps, or using Spooky2 in zapper mode, we strongly recommend that you replenish beneficial microflora with live natural foods rather than factory-made supplements. Best for this are home-made kefir, kimchi, pickles, or any fermented foods. King of them all is sauerkraut – two tablespoons daily.
Remember, friendly flora constitute up to 70% of the immune system. So please keep them topped up.
When not being used as a zapper, Spooky2, like all Rife machines, allows exact selection of the frequencies required.

Author — Spooky2 Rife


I have used spooky2 for many months and have yet to find anything that it works on. I wouldn't buy spooky2 products again because it doesn't work for me.

Author — Robert Camp


Can you please test the frequency for vision sometime in the future for vision? You said it may have been 1830 or 1850.

Try reading the same small prints with and without the frequency running.

I'm on a quest to improve my vision but don't want to use glasses or contact's as crutches I'm currently doing varies eye exercises and am trying to figure out if the theory of bad eyesight being related to having weak eye muscles.

Author — gtorres1719


any trusted ppl on ebay u recommend ?
u looked into the therify dan winter thing -
i wish i could get a magnetic motor healing device - like YT use2hav vids of museum mag motors
do u know anybody in maryland ?
i had a cheap zapper 8V copper p
parazapper sounds good

Author — SpiritualVapor DIY Ormus elements


Maby the remote didnt work on your cousin for parkinsons is because she Did not have parkinsons.also for deep wheres under the wisdon tooth.put 6 DRops chlorine dioxide activated with 12 drops 50-70% dmso wait 1 minutes then add 1/2 to one tsp water.then put in mouthwash next to problen area like chewing will drop the pain in 10 min-/+.

Author — jquest43