How New Yorkers Are Coping With Coronavirus | NYT News

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How New Yorkers Are Coping With Coronavirus | NYT News 4.5
With restrictions tightened on businesses and daily activity, residents are grappling with uncertainty about resources, health care and their paychecks.

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Author — The New York Times


Everything is getting cancelled except for bills.

Author — Oridginale24


Imagine all those abused children now stuck at home with abusive parents. No social worker in sight..nor are the few hours peace at day care or school.

Author — joseline o


"The city that never sleeps" is pausing everything and this shows how serious it is.

Author — Aveek Mitra


5:04 that's probably the first time someone really asked her how she's doing. What an angel. She just holds all that in, day in and day out. Who knows what else is going on in her own life, her own personal problems. But she puts that all aside to do her best work, serving people. I wish I could be as strong as this girl. A true hero of humanity.

Author — cyb3rpunk 2077


That girl at the food bank has a huge heart. When she started tearing up, I swore someone was cutting onions in my house.

Author — Liss Anne


Guys, just know that we're living through a future history class right now.

Author — Tristan Lopa


even social distancing is a luxury for some people that's really heartbreaking

Author — Dihara Hossain


“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”
― Albert A. Bartlett

Author — C Christodoulou


This is an eye-opener, no one is exempt. Let us lookout for each other.

Author — Mimi Mim


America. Only country in the world where people are expected to die for the economy.

Author — ravishingravi


We’re more worried of being broke than the virus at this point

Author — john lopez


The shame of turning to charity for survival when a week ago you were possibly donating to is a hard pill to swallow.

Author — Bianca Taylor


That food cart guy is right, a shutdown only serves the rich and condemns the poor.

Author — BlackNot Poc


The shot of the lovely cherry blossoms in the midst of everyone's crisis is such a crazy contrast to behold...

Author — Beck


I feel bad for Americans ): it's not that bad paying a high tax, when in times like these, money should be the last thing to worry about and being able to get medical assistance should be a human right. I too have lost my job, but I'm thankful I don't have to worry about getting food on the table. Take it from a Northern European, I hope this crisis will open the American administration's eyes a bit.

Author — Molly


It hurts to see this and know even when California is on quarantine so many of my friends ignore reality and say "I'm living my life" and go out with their friends anyway... They're "living their life" so someone else won't get to live theirs...

Author — Noemi Chulo


The rich can stay home but most of us have to survive day to day

Author — kaleaf brehanu


Everyone: stuck inside

Me living in the countryside: I don’t feel outside, outside feels me

Author — Kai Tube


i been in quarantine for the last 4 years. . its called depression

Author — Lost Scvng