Time lapse of home constructed start to finish

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Time lapse of home constructed start to finish 4.5
A time lapse project of a custom home built by Weaver Homes -- a division of Weaver Companies, Inc. Original footage was captured at 1 photo every 30 seconds over a 6 month period resulting in 45 days of capture and over 70,000 photos. Images we edited in Adobe Lightroom 3, combined in Quicktime Pro at 30 frames/sec and compiled in iMovie 11. Most clips were then sped up by 200-400% to produce this short movie. Enjoy!

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can i hire them to do my house??? can’t believe they got this done in under 8 minuets!

Author — poodlednp


House in 8 minutes is impressive, but I would invest the extra 10 seconds next time to make a foundation.

Author — Moos P.


Dang all of them must have had 999 wood

Author — AngeKerr


"Don't lean against the wall, kids!"

Author — moi desu


I can build that in Minecraft in half hour

Author — X-gamer Pro


Don’t you just love how these videos get in your recommend 7 years later?

Author — Laura Zhang


20% of the comments: Building a foundation and using cement would've made the house a lot better.

80% of the comments: *aPpArEnTLY eVeRYoNe iS aN eXpERt aT bUiLdiNG.*

Author — The Lost Cosmonaut


Apparently everyone in this comment section is an expert at building houses

Author — Freezey Sketches


Now I see why houses simply fly away when tornado comes. Matchbox house.

Author — bertyisaustin


නමුත් මම ඉදිරි දින කිහිපය සඳහා ආයෝජනය කරන්නෙමි.

Author — teodosiewe


Ok seriously though, what is this house sitting on? I didnt see them pour a footing.

Author — Justin Betland


Did anyone see them pour a footer under the foundation?? I saw gravel go down but I never saw concrete before walls started going up.

Author — Joe Kemp


Build Better with ICFs. Stronger, build faster, less labor intensive, safer, more energy efficient.

Author — Tee Davis PolyGreen Buildings


Homes bore me, I'm not a person who gets fascinated with homes -- I could live anywhere, or on any random house on the block or zip code. As long as it has a bed, shower, and yard...I'm happy. I could care less about designs, etc. stuff and details.

Author — Lawrence L.


That's what i call Progressive House music.

Author — Anthony Lavelle


What a beautiful house 🥵 what was the cost for this project ?

Author — jj Filmz


flash and Quicksilver are building houses together now wow

Author — Marilyn Barker


One storm and the house is flying away.. :D I never saw in germany a house flying haha

Author — Simon Hellmers


Obviously a very expensive and well-built house, but I have to wonder why they wanted such an enormous living space. They had three or four separate sitting areas, for what? Are they really hosting that many people all the time?

Author — Hechetonchieres


"Let me in, Let me in, little pig or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!"...

Author — hernanm6