8 million subscribers! + other things bringing us joy

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8 million subscribers! + other things bringing us joy 5

Thank you to our 8 million subscribers for the most curious, surprising, and funny audience we could hope for!

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You forgot the border series guy, he is on a whole new level

Author — Hassaan Afzal


8 Million: Someone is missing, where's Johny Harris?

Vox: Glad you ask

Author — Cabs


More like 8 million people who like easily digestible and high quality content.

Author — SkyGrizzzley


'Vox' is synonym for 'knowledge' according to me. Really guys keep educating us.

Author — ramesh nande


Congratulations Vox, you deserve it! BTW Where's John Harris. Borders is one of the best series you made!
Joss Fong is one of my favourites, I can listen to her all day.

Author — Avinash Lalith D


We love the way how vox explains everything so simply and beautifully...

Author — Solo Titan


Can't believe it's been almost 5 years since i first watched a Vox vid. Content just kept on getting better and better after, congrats guys! 🥳

Author — Harvey Felipe


Vox's videos are the definition of quality content. Thank you so much for bringing me so much joy everyday!

Author — KirbyCraft


Congratulation guys!!!! Love your videos!

Author — Joel Chee


I feel so good that a channel that needs attention has attention

Author — Gideon Freeman


expecting Johny and Ezra also to say something

Author — Mayukh Kansari


Congratulations! We love Johnny Harris!

Author — Traveling Teachers


Vox family, thank you for sharing. It brings comfort to know that everyone is doing what they can to stay happy and safe.

Author — Alyeska


Congrats to everyone at Vox! Hope y'all are doing great.
Love from Oman.
And yeah please bring back Atlas and Borders.

Author — brian894


I guess the border guy got stuck in some other border

Author — David Cavale


so happy for you and your team. I really enjoy your videos, I just find them so easy to watch.

Author — Reece Moss Vlogs


haha, half of the comments are about Johnny missing.

Author — Urban Breznik


Congratulations to the amazing team of Vox on this milestone, your content is absolutely the best. Special mention to the amazing borders series, absolutely love it😊😊😊😊

Author — jyoti ogennavar


Jhonny Harris ভাই কোথায় ? Take love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Hope You guys are safe by the grace of almighty ALLAH.

Author — Taufiq Kabir


This is one of my favorite channels great job

Author — Shrimpy _