Maya blend shape tutorial (blendshapes)

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In this video I show you how to use blend shapes in maya, for powerful but easy character animation.

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Hello, good tutorial :) Why it didn't show the key frames from BlandShapes on the TimeSlider so I can edit them later?
Or I can see them in Graph Editor?

Author — Psygnozis


Thank ya so much for such a clean representation, so awesome!

Author — Marty _YYZ


very well explained.
More detailed and tips on modelling is appreciated

Author — Himanshi Ahuja


very nice, especially the little added info, such as what does volume vs surface do - nothing to heavy or distracting but really really valuable on the way to a better workflow.

thank you!

Author — Lu Na


hallo, thanks! do you know why my character moves position to be where my blendshape is when i slide it on, no matter whether i choose pre or post animation or not in advanced menu when i create the blendshape?
is it because i rigged the character's skeleton then made blendshapes?

Author — LiveTheLoveYouWant


Can the blendshape affect just a specific region? For instance, if I have a new body and want the expression I've done in an old version.
Thanks for the video.

Author — Rodolfo Xavier


I am just going to start my animation lessons. This really helps a lot...can't tell how grateful I am!

Author — Giulia Pan


Thank you for the tutorial! It was truly useful!!

Author — Lorenzana's Portfolio


Great, It is really cool, easy, and fast way to blend shapes :)

Author — Shatha Alasadi


3Q, this is the best tutorial about blendshape .

Author — haohao lin


Great explanation, thank you very much!

Author — Kinkoyaburi


excellent tutorial. i wish they were all like this

Author — KlumsyK


Didn't know there was a shape editor for blendshapes, nice.

Author — John Draisey


thank you soo much on the heads for the soft selection choices! i did not know that you saved me a lot of time

Author — Nour Ghafarji


You're a sexy beast, thanks for the awesome tutorials. belndshapes always seemed really intimidating they way i had them explained, I found it easier in 2d but this is great thanks

Author — Propergander Productions


You really make things easier... Thanks you ♥

Author — kol shie hiena


Hi, My character has no bones in The face so is that good to set blend shape and use it for facial animation
Thank you.

Author — Max Nocivelli


Thank you for explaining, Sir.
I have a doubt: When I'm modelling a full character, If I attach the head to the rest of body after applying 'blendshape' to the head for facial expressions... will it interfere with the blendshape when I attach by combining the head to the rest of body and merging the vertices?
Sorry, I'm trying to learn blendshape for first time and this question popped up in my head...

Author — Parasar Lenka


that helped a lot, thank you so so much!!

Author — Heidi Gote


Great Tutorial!
Can we delete the extra reference heads? Or will it mess up our blend shapes?

Author — Teri Yellowhorse