I Wore Thigh-High Uggs For A Week

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I Wore Thigh-High Uggs For A Week 5

So a few months ago I saw these headlines about the Y/Project Thigh-High Uggs - and I vowed that when they were released I would acquire them and add them to our questionable fashion arsenal. So I finally got these giant ugg mashups and wore them for a week to figure them out and try and style them! What do you think? Would you wear these? Or do you think they are positively UGG-ly?

You can watch more ~questionable fashion decisions~ here:

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HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, these were for a video... what did you guys think?? would u rock these? or perhaps less expensive dupes, lol?? also, happy friday! xoxo, saf

Author — Safiya Nygaard


I like the turtleneck look tbh, it’s like a mix of “I’m an art student” and “I am the art, don’t touch”

Author — Lithunium Snow


I actually thought that the look with the black sweater dress, the one that you styled yourself, was the best one by far.

Author — Marley Hampton


Someone should wear the uggs with suspenders like attach the suspenders to the uggs

Author — Brynn Stewart


I just realized that she’s ACTUALLY rich rich

Author — Lydia Peacock


Imagine her giving a house tour like:
"This is my living room.
This is my kitchen.
This is my $1000 pair of thigh high uggs.
This is my bathroom..."

Author — alexis hayashi


They make me think of a small child wearing their mum's shoes lol

Author — Tasoq


other people show off 500 dollar gucci shoes :
safiya flexs 1, 000 uggs:

Author — Tiffany Felton


Saf and Tyler: We are going down to Australia

Me sitting at home in Australia: *Looks up to see Tyler and Saf emerging towards me*

Author — Stacked


Saf: It's like a sexy shar pei look.
Tyler: Oh, like from High School Musical?
Saf: No like the wrinkle dogs

Author — Blue Byrne


"OOOhhh like high school musical?"

"No, like the wrinkle dogs."

Author — The_Coffee_Llama _


If they weren’t wrinkled, then maybe not so bad with jeans/denim skirt and a turtleneck jumper. The wrinkles ruin it.

Author — Megan Lawrence


16:53 Who’s gonna talk about that very determined man in the background? 🤯

Author — Gifts from Mommy for A & S


That ugg looks like it's about to sort me into Gryffindor

Author — Hm Emeralds


Ty:"Were approching sweater weather!"
Saf:"Nah you gotta say swetta wetta"
Ty: **sigihs** "Swetta wetta"

Author — navaeya cayetano


I REALLY like the black sweater turtleneck w/ the thigh high uggs. I would wear it. The 1st one is also something I would wear.

I dont agree with people being triggered over thigh high uggs. They can look pretty stylish and winter/autumn themed. Which in my opinion is golden.

Dont attack me for my opinion if you dont agree with me.

Edit: Oh wow, didnt expect this to blow up.

Author — Crushie Films


"Middle school self's favorite shoes to wear in the winter"

Me, a Filipino: thigh high tsinelas(flip flops)?

Author — Orea Cakes


When Ty said "the is the view from Australia" it made me a lil happy,
watching from Australia

Author — Hazel Rose


is no one gonna talk about the guy in the background walking his dog while riding a skateboard at 10:05

Author — RockerCatErrorEncountered 404


One sec, there's something in my shoe!

Author — Kiwis In Bikinis