Anderson Cooper: Mattis gave a stunning rebuke of Trump

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Anderson Cooper: Mattis gave a stunning rebuke of Trump 4.5

CNN's Anderson Cooper says President Donald Trump's former defense secretary James Mattis gave a stunning rebuke of Trump.

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Gee, who am I going to listen to? Someone who is a decorated war hero, an officer who has served this country with distinction and honor or a lying, manipulative racist who dodged the draft by claiming bone spurs? Seems like a no brainier to me.

Author — Amenadiel The Fallen


leave it to the Marines to have a back bone about this stupidity!!

Author — Ken Aki


As a US army veteran from Haiti I agree 💯 with general Mattis .

Author — junior auguste


I congratulate Mattis. Let his voice echo through the halls of the oppressed, the poor, the powerless, and the true peacekeepers of this world.

Author — Pakin 86


The coward uses his soldiers like string puppets.
A long time ago i realized, that the coward would like to be a dictator.
Be aware my dear Americans . GREETINGS from Germany.

Author — Three Cherries


Our military is sworn to defend the constitution, not the “supreme leader”.

Author — Wilton Bobble


trump Must be removed! He has actively tried to divide this country from day one

Author — Lynn Wilson


You mean, the constitution your preferred candidate who think's he's running for "senate" can't quote the first line from?

Author — Steven Bancarz


Trump supporters just don't see it, even when people from his own administration come out and say it!

Author — Mister Mann


"Trump is going to respond with great anger." Oooh scarry tweet storm coming!

Author — hamiE63 M


Mattis thank you. 1. For your service. 2cnd for your honesty.

Author — Joey Diaz


Unless you're in a cult you've already dumped Trump by now...

Author — chinogixxer750


The soldiers are using the excuse "I was just following orders". Which is exactly what the stormtroopers and SS said.

Author — Just A Guy Production


I could watch "Anderson Cooper" all day long because he holds "such a serious demeanor" while reporting the truth whether people agree or disagree.

Author — Loren Lambert


I M M A T U R E L E A D E R S H I P.

Author — Q Min Potato


America stands with you, General Mattis.
Thank you for putting country before Trump.

Author — The Blue Arrow


Putin can be so happy, America is losing all credibility and is on the brink of a civil war

Author — Frank ten Horn


General Wesley Clark (Ret): "America should listen" These are men who don't speak out easily they hold it in out of respect for the current leaders out of concern for the troops that's in uniform but when they speak out it's from the heart and they speak from experience. #unitedwestanddividedwefall

Author — Phoenix Star


The only stunning thing about this is how long it took.

Author — Calder Wishne


Just a reminder: The military works for the people of America. Our service men and women are humans and I am eternally grateful for their service.

Author — Katelyn Pereira-Perez