Gta Online Diamond Casino Heist Elite Challenge (Aggressive Approach) $2,400,000

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Gta Online Diamond Casino Heist Elite Challenge (Aggressive Approach) $2,400,000 5
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Thanks For Watching :), edit: im VERY SORRY, in the start of the video my prep setup was wrong it was my old prep setup photo, so my setup is, gunman 7%cut, driver 7%cut, hacker 9%cut. Other Prep Done= Duggan Shipment, Security Pass, Armor Prep.

Author — RandomWeirdThings 248


Directions unclear, ended up with Arnold Schwarzenegger outside of the casino with several miniguns.

Author — Ooga Booga


Just imagine if this setup of the heist was like no russian

Author — Cobra dork


Finally some who like to shoot not just hide and sneak

Author — Aca Faca


i wish i can buy the Honda civic already to bad there not in the Auto store yet

Author — Sgt Aero


Hate how the Paintings are randomized, they are clearly the best ones.
Edit: Jesus this comment blew up, tip for the heist, if you don’t get art and you have done all three scenarios, after the vault contents mission where you find out what you are stealing, call Lester to shutdown the heist, and set it up again, usually takes you 1-5 times to get art and if you are really good at hacking, do gold as well.

Author — TheNoid


"Not again!" That statement makes sense now.

Author — The Mercinator


on the escape drive on the Railwaytracks to avoid Police

Author — BLΛCK ViPΞR


Stealth in this game is trash I’d rather go in guns blazin

Author — Slylie Zeroseven


Every guard in the casino: Heroically dies for defending their jobs and the casino's money

That 2:02 guard:

Author — - Kenneth -


Everyone who has 3 Players just make so like this:the third Player Hacks and just Takes painting or Cash or Gold one time and Then Hacks everything Open and then Takes Nothing so he Goes First and cleans the way out so the others 2 dont lose Money

Author — Jelat ab di lol


Now that I think about it, I wanna do the Aggressive set up next

Author — Ricky G


Why can i make outfits like the ones they give us in the hiest :(

Author — Dylan James2020


how the heck do you get your cars parked there??? while everytime i go to cars it’s parked across on the other side with 100 swat waiting???

Author — Joe


This by far seems like the easiest way to do it

Author — RabidHobo


aggressively with the theft of images pays off because they are collected quickly (images) and aggressively much faster everything goes generally you are youtuber

Author — TheMoris771


*valet runs with her phone*

Author — Darren 0613


Randomweirdthing: "all headshots"

Me : " shots the wall and everything and not the enemies"

Mission : am i a joke too you?

Author — ごみS E N P A I 999


And all this time i thought that you could get only 2.1mil and not even that with 2 players. This video also urged me to do that heist with agressive approach, seems like the best option for me atleast.

Author — Sonny


*Casually walking into a staff lobby room*

Author — YourBoi Reaper