Canada’s 'historical' debt bubble could hit banks: David Rosenberg

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Canada’s 'historical' debt bubble could hit banks: David Rosenberg 4.5
Prominent Canadian economist David Rosenberg is warning that record household debt levels in the country will hinder economic growth, and could be a problem for bank earnings. He joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss.

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Justine trudope must be impeached until election enough of this looser and spending

Author — Daniel Filion


David’s one of the very few people I respect that comes on BNN

Author — shalvin prakash


I will become more "historical" in 4 years from now if this arrogant and clueless government will stay.

Author — joannabuk


lol who didn't see this coming? Honestly.

Author — Drew Rycerz


Park your cash in physical silver and gold

Author — Philip Angelo


Beware all, Trudeau slid bill C-15 into 2016 budget way back on page 233. If the banks fail then it's a bail-in where they take your money, shares safety deposit box, etc. then limit withdrawals. keep money out of the bank and convert a portion to gold and silver in case the dollar collapses. The entire G20 did the same.

Author — Kevin Clark


I don't support Trudeau at all but blaming an ugly, long-overdue credit cycle on the current PM is a total fallacy. It's been a 30 year game of hot potato and both sides contributed to the game. Blaming the current PM keeps us distracted from the truth.

Author — Matt Joubert


ya I can't see how anyone would want him for another 4yrs

Author — me


His point of debt levels of Canadians really hit home for me when he compared it to other nations especially Italy. This is not going to end well. Sounds like any significant job losses can be a domino effect on loan losses.

Author — Sharing Lungs


Thanks trudumb ya POS your gone in October cant you see the blue wave

Author — Kevin Fraser


Listen to this dude he knows. Since oil and gold are priced US $. If, as he predicts the Canadian $ goes down, oil and gold will go up in CAD. One way to preserve wealth.

Author — Fred Frond


Let the good times roll.
Yippee Kay Yay.
Best country in the whole world. Love you Canada. I support you.
Home of the brave and strong.

Author — Pierre Legault


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Author — Pretty Michael


Consider a united federation of Yahweh and Christ

Author — James Ruscheinski


COMMUNIST CHINADA credit freeze 23.9% MORTGAGE RATE for six months . Do your stress test .

Author — jay blair


We need mass immigration from 3rd world country now. OH wait..we already done that Ha Ha. Not sure which country Canada belongs to. But they're sure having fun with this garbage. Scrambling to start a civil war. lol

Author — Raptorswin Raptorswin


If domestic driven growth stalls due to high consumer debt levels, it stands to reason that demand ought to be shifted for foreigners with income growth...the way to accomplish that feat is to devalue the currency. A no-brainer. Well, one way to forestall that depressing expedient would be to increase fiscal deficits...but canadians have been brainwashed into thinking that's some sort of sin (it isn't).

Author — Rocco Diciano


Thanks to our corrupt government! Can’t believe Canadian put him back in!

Author — Hamish Mctavish


There was something about banks keeping money from private/some private accounts should the bank get into trouble.

Author — Stacy Mackenzie


Canadian dollar is also getting worse compared to USD. Now it's 1.34 exchange rate and climbing.

Author — Commando Master