DaVinci Resolve - Green Screen/Chroma Key (Two Methods COLOR & FUSION)

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DaVinci Resolve - Green Screen/Chroma Key (Two Methods COLOR & FUSION) 5

Everything you need to know to Chroma Key (remove green screen) in DaVinci Resolve, using either the Color page or Fusion page.

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Keying a Green Screen is easy in DaVinci Resolve.

In this video, we'll look at two methods - the Color page using the Qualifier, and in Fusion using Delta Keyer.

But it's not just green that we can key out. You can key out any color: white, blue, pink, whatever.

Plus you can do all of this in the FREE version of DaVinci Resolve.

This video was recorded with DaVinci Resolve 16.1 (the free version)

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Thanks so much for this, as a newbie to Davinci Resolve I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of options in both Fusion and Colour tabs and I'm never sure which one to use. For this case, it looks like Fusion provides slightly better keying, as long as you are willing to wait for it. :)

Author — David Addis


Best green screen delta key tutorial! I’ve watched many and could never get the delta key right. Finally your vidso showed the transform feature. That was what I was missing!!! Thank you! Subscribed!

Author — Asl Goofy


Thanks, this is the absolute best tutorial on Davinci Resolve green screen techniques. Immediately subscribed. P.S I grew up in a town near another town called Benoni in South Africa.

Author — James Hobden


how do you do this when shooting in log?? My greens are grey so I can't key it yet and the fusion tab comes before the color grading??? Please help, thanks

Author — Charlie Abrams


Absolutely the best tutorial on this on YouTube.

Author — takeonparis


Brilliant video - just what I needed and great to have different options on how to do this. Thanks!

Author — Moonhare Studio


Great tutorial! it was the one that resolve the spill issue in such a simple way... Great work! thanks

Author — Marcos Santos Saraiva


Thank you so much!!!! I watched 4 different tutorials for keying in Resolve, and nothing did work with my greenroom footage...
You are awesome!

Author — Dieter


Thanks so much for this presentation. really helpful . Great voice too.

Author — Cocoa Rhapsody


Absolutely the best DaVinici Resolve 16 demonstration video for Color Keying multiple ways.
This is fantastic and inspiring, I even went out and got me some screen material today at the fabric store and got after it . Really really fun. Thank you for taking the time to make this video like you did!

Author — The RV Addict


For some reason I dont see the green screen footage on the left side. It also does not show it on top of the right side when I merge it.

Author — Fat Man Jackson


Thank you so much pro. Your fusion tutorial helped me alot

Author — Dương Mạc Tùng


Best green screen tutorial for DaVinci!

Author — Markus von Scheven


Hi I couldn’t get the background picture to change into that instead of the green screen. Hope you can help me!

Author — Teacher Jinna 英会話


Thanks a lot for this lesson! I agree to say this is the best tutorial on the croma key techniques on DVR ever. I subscribed immediately. Hope to find more tutorials from you! Best wishes from Italy!!! Luigi

Author — Luigi Sartori


I need help, you are obviously not on a Mac. so how do I "right" click? I tried the fusion technique and it didn't work I followed every step you said in fusion and it di NOT do it. I tried it several times NEVER worked!!!!

Author — Mr508films


Great tutorial. I was able to pull the best key out of a green screen. I appreciate it.

Author — DreamLight Images


PERFECT video. Thank you for that. I have been looking for all this information. Just a quick question... If I key out the woman and I want to further color grade her (match the skin tones) what is the suggested flow to do it?

Author — Georgios Psathas


Thank you so much. This video simplified all the ways to do it. Just what I was looking for 👍

Author — Ronikz HD


one of the best tutorials str8 to the point without unnecessary yapping!!

Author — Qpid 242