Donald Trump tells Sky News: I beat Obama and Oprah in Georgia

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Donald Trump tells Sky News: I beat Obama and Oprah in Georgia 4
Donald Trump has appeared in-front of the cameras at the White House to give his first news conference in response to the midterms.

The president told Sky News' Cordelia Lynch that he was able to beat Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, who were campaigning in Georgia and said the midterm results were a "very close complete victory".

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While he's besting China and Making Mexico pay for a border wall he's trying to be friend a Global State Dictatorship that has Violated So Many Human Rights. 🚩🚩🚩

Author — Lyle Hwong


Send trump back send trump back send trump back

Author — James Doyle


That’s neat and all, but does anyone care to announce that Ben Shapiro hosted Meme review?

Author — City Guard


Obama's hope and changed was really fraud and destruction, TY President Trump

Author — Con R


Why is he so orange, is it diet or blood pressure?

Author — Eugene Bell


His wife is old enough his daughter dirty den

Author — g k


Now CNN take a Real look at how a Reporter conducts



Is donald trump and obama gna be in fight night

Author — Chris Felix


Why doesn’t he ever let the reporters finish their stupid questions ?

Author — Bruno


Oprah sucks Democrat’s has to pay famous people to endorse them and they still lose😂😂😂😂😂

Author — What Will Happen


LIES.... GEORGIA ELECTION NOT DONE SAME WITH FLORIDA. A RECOUNT IS HAPPENING. Trump doesn't know the disgusting voter suppression done the gop governor candidate

Author — lord snow 8


Oprah and Obama where the reason more blacks came out than ever before to help the Democrate's win the Congress which is enough for Democrate's for now. Every two years the Congress is up for grabs and the Democrates won whilst the Senate is up for grabs every six years so this year there were a couple of seats available in red States like Georgia and that is why Trump kinda won back the Senate.

Author — Jack Daniels


I'd pay good money for him to sort the UK out.

Author — Melt


Is an ok answer, because he must win.

Author — alex martey


I wish he was running the uk, top man with balls

Author — wayne jennings


All it took was gerrymandering and voter suppression, isn't Trump's Amerikkka great?

Author — Radwar99


It's going to get very interesting, let us see those tax returns. I believe he's odds on for the booker, but I reckon he might even get a Pulitzer. He will no doubt push the boundaries of fiction, one way or the other.

Author — ikm64


How can Trump manage to turn every answer into being about him? Surely the leader of a nation should do whatever is best for a nation and not try to turn it into being all about themselves? Looks like narcissism rules for the time being.

Author — Giraffe Boy


A mad guy ...
Why cant that lady complete her question

Author — shane abbas


Can he ever let a reporter finish asking a question before responding? He always interrupts before a question is asked and then goes on some tangent about himself or the republican party to boost his ego. Just answer the question.

Author — daydreamer054