Britain shows Japan how to Attack Pearl Harbor - Battle of Taranto - WW2 - 064 - November 16, 1940

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Britain shows Japan how to Attack Pearl Harbor - Battle of Taranto - WW2 - 064 - November 16, 1940 5

Japan has two wins this week, and one might turn out to be very consequential for the rest of the war. In the meantime, the British RAF fights the Luftwaffe and Italy struggles in their offensive against Greece.

Written and Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Produced and Directed by: Spartacus Olsson and Astrid Deinhard
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Research by: Indy Neidell
Edited by: Iryna Dulka
Map animations: Eastory

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Author — World War Two


First time that we definitely know who's calling Indy...

Author — V. Athanasiou


"This is French Territory, Greeks. Do not advance further."

Author — random guy


There is a joke from this period going something like:

"Hitler calls Mussolini
Hitler:Are you in Athens yet?
Mussolini: What? I can't hear you!
Mussolini: I can't hear you, this line is auwful! Are you calling from London?

Author — Giorgos Moschovitis


LMAO. Luigi is still screwing up even from the grave.

Author — Hyperious


Britain: Attacks the Italian fleet at Taranto with only aircraft carriers
Japan: Writes down the notes furiously

Author — Adolf95


Germany: "Look at all the planes we've lost over Britain."
Italy: "Pfft, we'll show you how it's done! We'll deploy our top-of-the-line biplane fighters!"
Germany: "..."

Author — David Beach


If a British defeat is so inevitable, then why are we eating dinner in a bomb shelter while the RAF does their thing over Berlin, hmm? 😂😂 This is the best quote!

Author — Hannah Skipper


We've all seen it coming, since Italian army stepped on Greek soil. The spirit of Luigi Cadorna has been summoned finally.

Author — Ágnes Keresztury


Remember January 1940? A month in which Soviet attacks were repelled by Finns with Molotov cocktails and fiery courage. A month in which First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill planned on a massive naval attack on Germany in Operation Catherine, while French PM Édouard Daladier were talking about "sending aid to the Finns". A month in which Hitler wanted to repeat the Schlieffen Plan of 1914 and he hadn't even heard of Erich von Manstein! A month in which Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Greece were still independent countries enjoying neutrality. And now we're still in 1940, and this year still have some tricks up its sleeve. There's still a month-and-a-half to go. God, what a year!

Author — Rune Væver Hartvig


This week we prove the French and Soviets actually have a sense of humor.

Author — BasedPeter


Bombing the Italian Navy which resulted in the Japanese Navy bombing the American Navy leading to their involvement in the war is just poetry.

Also, while Molotov might be a Stalinist nut case, that line in the air raid shelter was hilarious 😄

Author — Simon Turner


Damn, he can call the dead now?
That phone bill is going to be serious..

Author — TheIfifi


I don't remember putting Cadorna in charge of the Greek invasion🤔

Author — David Gârbea


"Why are we in an air-raid shelter and whose bombs are we hiding from?" Molotov shouldn't have trolled people without a sense of humour. ;-)

Author — Mateusz Cetnar


I bet the Finns would have laughed their butts off if Molotov got killed by British bombs while visiting Berlin

Author — The West is the Best


This week in the Greco-Italian war is marked by the beginning of the major Greek counter-offensive.

On November 14, 1940, at 0630 hours, the first phase of the Greek counter-offensive opened, when the divisions of the Greek A', B' & C' Army Corps (with C' Corps acting as a spearhead force), launched an offensive against the opposing Italian divisions. The Greeks advanced quickly, deep inside Albanian territory.

Within the next four days, the Greek XV Infantry Division (Maj. Gen. Agamemnon Metaxas) from B' Army Corps (Lt. Gen. Dimitrios Papadopoulos) advanced towards the Cangonj pass (a hard surfaced road in the southern part of Morovë mountain range that crosses it towards the city of Korçë in southern Albania) and took Golloborda, a village located strategically at the crossroads between the lakes Ohrid and Prespa in SE Albania. By November 18, the division had consolidated its position in the Korçë plateau and was threatening the city of Korçë (Koritza) itself, the third largest Albanian city and a chief Italian base in Albania.

The Greek X Infantry Division (Maj. Gen. Christos Kitsos) from C' Army Corps (Lt. Gen. Georgios Tsolakoglou) flanked the Italian posisions that had fortified Morovë, and succeeded in reaching its objective by taking Darza, a key village in the Korçë region.
The Morovë massif was held by the Italian XXVI. Army Corps (three front-line infantry divisions, one armoured division, and one division as the corps reserve, under the overall command of Corps Gen. Alfredo Guzzoni). They were now separated by the Greeks just by the Devoll river.

During the night of November 14-15, the Otranto Raid, a bold night-time raid in the Otranto strait, was conducted by Royal Hellenic Navy's three destroyers against Italian shipping.
The mission was more an attempt to boost Greek morale than to cause serious damage to the much larger Italian fleet.

Author — Αποστόλης Μ.


Haha I'd never heard about the "This is French territory. Greeks, do not advance further!" posters! That's hilarious!

Any chance someone has an exact source for this or even better, an image of one of these?

Author — Nikolas Floros


Just realized we're in the middle a six-year online course.

Author — taufiqutomo


UK:attacks Taranto
Japanese admirals: Write that down, write that down!

Author — agon 3411