Panic After Takeoff as Boeing 747 Explodes at 29,000 feet | Qantas Flight 30

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Panic After Takeoff as Boeing 747 Explodes at 29,000 feet | Qantas Flight 30 4.5

Find out what happened to this Qantas Boeing 747 that experienced an onboard explosion at 29,000ft, after taking off from Hong Kong.

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💬 Comments on the video

My two favorites words in all of your videos: "EVERYONE SURVIVED"!

Author — ilovebeinagirl


Even though I freak out at the smallest turbulation, I still continue watching these and torture myself in every journey with all sorts of imaginations

Author — Deepthi Prakashan


Guys can we appreciate his hard work to make these its atleast 8h for one video give him a like and subscribe

Author — Fakker


"Everyone Survived" what really matters!!

Author — DecayPlays


Qantas still remains one of the only airlines with no fatalities

Author — Dont use your real name On the internet


I'm a ”mayday” survivor - Air Canada, 2004, 18 passengers Toronto to Manchester, NH. For obvious reasons I only watch successful landings but I've continued to be curious about what was happening that the passengers weren't aware of. It was the calmest group of people ever, but having those masks drop and seeing emergency lighting on the runway - then realizing those are rescue vehicles is surreal. I never hoped to know this, but 02 masks are good for about 12 minutes of air. They are working on the assumption the plane will fly lower in that time so masks aren't necessary - good in theory unless the cabin is full of smoke. We went to breathing through wet towels. There was no cabin attendant so we were on the ”DIY” program. Yes, I've flown again. Not Air Canada. Always wonder if I was referred to as one of ”20 souls on board”. Sounds way scarier than ”passengers”.

Author — Elizabeth Verrill


""Everyone Survived"" Well of course everyone survived.. This is QANTAS..

Author — AdstarAPAD


I'll just be here in the corner suggesting to do Western Airlines flight 2065.

Author — Bob Henderson


3:20 A loud bang is the last thing anyone wants to hear on a plane. Especially if it’s not supersonic!

Author — 5Rounds Rapid


Great video. I'm glad every one survived. Despite your title, it didn't appear to have burst into flames, unless I missed something.

Author — Plaidmoon


The "Rain Man" said Qantas planes have never crashed. Close call, Glad they all survived.

Author — Nunya Bizness


Literally Nobody:
That oxygen cylinder: "GUESS IMMA OUTTA HERE"

Author — Kudret Spyrou


That aircraft had some bad luck. First the explosion, then the collision...but gladly nobody was injured or killed 🛫

Author — Fluffy -Fluffy


Scary to think oxygen cylinders can almost bring down a plane. Lucky the people whose oxygen masks failed to work survived but I realise plane quickly descended to 10000 feet a safe level. These pilots remained calm and professional they are heroes if out in the Atlantic very far from land it maybe a different outcome. God was with them that day🇬🇧👨‍✈️🇺🇸👩‍✈️🍀✈️🌎

Author — Elaine Blackhurst


Good outcome all around. The one in a million that just happens. The airframe held up well. The crew was expert, efficient, no injuries.

Author — Htos 1av


You just scared me with that title and thumbnail. It is looks like the plane burst into flames and broke midair. But glad to see that everyone survived.

Author — Rambo


glad there was only bursting but no flames

Author — lenny108


You seriously need to give a masterclass in clear text placement and readability. And everyone on yt should take that class.

Author — mtilford


A blessing to the pilots and crew members, but especially to the captain landing the aircraft! Whew what a scary event...and if those of you who live in the USA and are knucklers who are worried about the next flight, you can't drive home! Alternative you can wait on a cruise ship which could be just as dangerous! 😦 I like flying though and would take my chances on flight! ☺ Gosh what a great captain! 👏👏👏👏👏

Author — Larry Maxwell


Sounds like they never really figured out what went wrong w/the cylinder. Imagine being one of the passengers whose oxygen mask didn't deploy?! It's the best outcome when everyone survives such a terrifying event. SO happy!👍✈

Author — lana lake